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With school beginning soon, and a couple of my friends recently welcoming third babies to the family, helping the older kids to learn to prepare their own meals and snacks has become a hot topic of conversation.

It all started when one of my friends sent me this facebook link and we all started to chime in on how the system would or wouldn’t work for us and what we might do differently.

I kept thinking about the many ways we can get kids to be more self-sufficient during meal prep and eventually decided to develop a 3-part series around the idea with our contributor, Kristin.

Today we’re starting off with snack stations. Hope you get some great ideas and we’d love to hear from you if you have your own techniques that are working well!

One of the many benefits of growing children is their growing independence.  The overwhelming tasks of feeding and changing little ones gets easier every year.

Diapers turn to potty training and bottles turn to solid food.  Pretty soon they are able to feed themselves and the next thing you know, you have finger prints all over your pantry.

As my kids have grown, I have noticed their growing desire to become independent in their eating.  When they’re hungry, they scrounge around and come up with a snack.  But, I’m still the parent, so I want to guide them and help them make healthy choices while still maintaining their independence.


A snack station has been a huge help during the summer, on the weekends and after school during the year.

I choose one or two (depending on how many kids are eating and how hungry they are) of each of the following categories:  Whole Grains, Protein, Fruit and Vegetables.

The kids can serve themselves and snack away.


Tips for Creating a Snack Station

Choose the type of food you will serve

Don’t over complicate this.  It should be easy, but not necessarily pre-made.  If you have applesauce cups (for example), you can put those out.  If you don’t, just cut up some fruit. Read More

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Every single time I stumble across an article or a post relating to “screen time” and kids, I devour it. First off, I want confirmation (that I rarely get, because everyone must be lying) that I’m not the only parent whose kids get waaaay more than the token thirty-minutes of approved screen time on any given day. It’s not constant, but yeah, I’ve been known to hand over my phone or a tablet so I can focus for an entire 45 minutes. Hell, even an hour. Hands up if you’ve been there.

Second, I admit it, I want to hear the latest recommendations – even if I’m just going to shake my head at the absurdity. I have my doubts that some of these “experts” spend much time with kids at all.

But I tacitly approve of the stories that acknowledge that technology is part of our kids’ lives and offer advice to moderate its use without getting too crazy. Last year, both my second grader and my kindergartener had ten minutes of screen time four nights a week purely for homework’s sake, on math and reading websites. There’s an educational aspect to this whole argument that just can’t be denied.

Third, I’m waiting for a story that finally acknowledges something every single parent knows all too well – technology makes us all hypocrites. Right? Read More

The summer is quickly coming to a close, has it been what you hoped?!

If your answer is, “Not exactly”, have no fear. There’s still time to get a few weeks of the laid back summer you desired AND to setup a schedule that works for you this fall – and we’re here to help.

Today, in our official capacity as a member of The Oat Authority, we’ve got a SUPER HELPFUL PRINTABLE just for you.

In case you missed our last post on what The Oat Authority is all about, my partnership with Quaker came about from Quaker’s dedication to providing both the fuel and the inspiration families want to make playtime a frequent priority.

Of course, scheduling plays a big role in that!

Here’s Kaley with a free printable guaranteed to bring you days with plenty of time blocked off for fun

Long summer days without the rushing and time constraints that come with the school year sound heavenly. Lazy days relaxing in the hammock and swimming until dark, then sleeping in and doing it all over again. Thats how I wanted my summer to go. But with two little ones running around, that just wasn’t realistic.

As an elementary school teacher, I know that kids thrive on routine. And setting up a simple routine always ensures smoother days but just the word “routine” seems to go against the care-free spirit of summer.

Let me assure you, though, having a routine doesn’t mean you have to stick to a strict schedule. Read More

Back-to-school season is upon us… how are you feeling about it? Craving a good plan and a little more energy to tackle it all maybe?

My favorite functional nutritionists are here with us today to give us a fail-proof 4 pronged plan for getting there!

And, if you want to take things even further, they’re also once again offering:

20% Off the “Prescribe 20″ Online Nutritional Course with the code: MPMK20

August 9th – 28th


Lots more info. on their program and my experience with it at the end of this post!

But first, the four-step plan to gain some much-needed Mommy Energy…

Summer? What summer? You’ve been a full-time chef, a part-time referee, a chauffeur and a housemaid up to your knees in laundry. Days have never been longer and balance is a thing of the past. You get tipsy just thinking about it.

When your stress hormones are kicking and your temper is short, you might find yourself wondering, “What happened to that easy-going mom I planned to be, and that that relaxing summer we planned on having?” You’re not the only mom living for back-to-school.

And how about those mood swings? There is a physiological reason for that: you are living in a state of overdrive, so consider yourself off the hook.

We aren’t the party poopers here to complain about the season we look forward to from January-May, but the reality is your days are longer (are anyone else’s children up at least an hour later at night and earlier in the morning?), and you are the last person that gets taken care of.

We want you to know that a) you are not alone and b) we’ve got a plan for you. Now doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air?

It’s time to make yourself a priority, break the stress cycle, and get back to feeling like yourself so when school starts you don’t look some stranger in the mirror (that’s you we’re talking about).

Tip #1 – Take a deep breath

Not just metaphorically. Stopping to take just five deep breaths can help you press the pause button in life, to break that stress cycle. Go on, try it. You’re going to be shocked.

Tip #2 – Fuel your body!

We love whole foods and they work wonders when it comes to balancing the chaos inside our bodies. If you are new to eating a whole food based diet, we’ve got all the support you need.

Our favorite quote: The more alive your foods, the more alive you’ll feel.

This next program is all about whole foods (aka, alive!) where we give you all ‘the whys’ and support behind changing up the way you eat. Even on your own, the smallest efforts to choose whole/real foods when and where you can will change your energy and moods in ways you might not expect!

Where can you sneak them in?

  • Throw spinach in a smoothie
  • Add chia, hemp or flax seeds to your morning oat, cereal or porridge bowl
  • Make your own easy, delicious salad dressing (see below)
  • Are you a coffee drinker? Add a little full fat coconut milk and some cinnamon or cardamom…even coffee can become a superfood (AMEN)

Tip #3 – Make some time for you

What do you need to feel satisfied? Maybe it’s a walk with a friend or even a shower without your kiddos repeatedly yelling, “Mom!”.

Make space in your life for Y.O.U. The best way we can model living balanced lives to our children is to show them self-care. It’s not selfish – it’s being a good role model.

Tip #4 – Get your immune system in fighting mode

We all know that back to school, can mean ‘back to bugs’… the more you do the above, the better equipped your body will be to fight the good fight.

Two immune building tips:

  1. Eat fermented foods – The live flora promotes a healthy immune system.
  2. Get plenty of zinc from sesame and pumpkin seeds – Zinc will not only help keep illness at bay, it will drastically increase your recovery time.

“Prescribe 20” kicks off on August 9 and to say we are ready is an understatement. With a focus on whole foods, we are taking out the junk and fueling your body.

Use promo code mpmk20 for 20% off

More on the Prescribe 20 Program

Steph here again! As promised, here’s everything you need to know about the Prescribe 20 program and what you’ll be in for when you sign up…

Do you ever think to yourself, “I am ALWAYS tired.”?

I went through a big slump after having S, in which I just couldn’t seem to find my energy anywhere. Plus, I had headaches for a lot of the day, every day.

All that exhaustion and pain meant I had no energy to play with the kids plus I was moody and crabby with a short fuse and very short on Mama patience.

At first I tried to figure it out on my own, then I sought help through my general physician, OBGYN, and even a naturopath. But I never found the solid answers I was looking for.

It wasn’t until I met the functional-nutritionists at Prescribe Nutrition, Katie and Megan, that everything changed for me. 

It’s hard to believe that I’ve known Katie and Megan for years now. They’ve played such an important role in helping to make me the mom I want to be and I’ve loved being an affiliate for their online programs because I believe in what they do so much.

So why am I telling you this story now, several years later?

The ladies at Prescribe Nutrition are once again offering MPMK readers a 20% discount on their latest, 20 day on-line nutrition course:

Get 20% Off the “Prescribe 20″ Online Course with the code: MPMK20

August 9th – 28th


This program isn’t the exact one I participated in back then – it’s better.

Along with the online support group, unprecedented access to the nutritionists, and the recipe protocol packet, this time around the ladies are also including lots of new features including an extended time period (20 days instead of 15), an exercise program, and an entire section of slow-cooker recipes!

And here’s the part where I “keep it real”.  The Prescribe Nutrition courses aren’t a cake walk (either literally or figuratively).  

It was hard – especially the first week when my body was craving all the processed foods and sugar I usually fed it. But I did it – what’s more I got my husband to do it too and we both felt SO MUCH better at the end.

When telling people about it I would say that I didn’t necessarily feel like I was ready to run a marathon but I did generally feel happier and less tired. I also realized once I began the program that previously I’d been experiencing chronic stomach pains and bloating at night.

They’d become so commonplace that I didn’t even notice them, or think about doing anything to avoid them. Then I started my 15 days, those symptoms disappeared, and I felt amazing.

Finally, the most profound outcome of the experiment was how it affected me as a mother. Without the headaches and exhaustion, I became so much more fun!  And I started connecting with my kiddos in new ways – which was a huge gift and exactly what I was hoping to gain from the experience.

Sign up with the 20% off code: MPMK20 and start your journey to getting your energy back today!


Creamy Tahini Dressing


  • 1⁄2 cup tahini
  • 1⁄2 cup fresh lemon juice (about 2 lemons)
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1⁄4 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1⁄4 cup water, or more for thinning

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender or food processor and blend on high until completely smooth. Add water if needed to thin, it will thicken as it chills.



We love this dressing, sauce, dip…whatever you want, it works.

When using as a sauce (like on our mushroom lentil tacos) or a dip, you’ll want to keep it on the thicker side.

Works great as a dressing on the thinner side. This is also a snack unto itself – just use it for carrots and celery and BAM you’re good to go.

*post contains affiliate links.

I recently took to our facebook page and asked what type of recipe posts you’d most like to see here. 

MPMK reader Rebecca suggested a roundup of “cook once, eat twice kind of meals”. I replied, “I want those too!” because how brilliant is it to have dinner ready with no cooking on the second night?!

I put our resident food contributor, Natalie, on it and she didn’t disappoint…

Looking to save some time in the kitchen?

Double-duty dinners are a great way to cut down on extra cooking. You can make the major meal one night and use the leftovers to create a new meal the next night.

Perfect for vacation meal planning or back to school!

Many of these options start with a slow cooker, which is even easier yet. Read More

You guys know I’ve been a long time fan of positive parenting expert Amy McCready. My family has used her positive parenting eCourse for years and we’ve collaborated several times to offer free webinars on positive parenting topics like getting kids to listen without nagging or yelling.

Amy has just released a brand new book:

The Me, Me, Me Epidemic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World

I was so happy when she sent me a preview copy and I’m really excited to help her get the word out as I believe it to be something absolutely every parent can use in their arsenal.

Preventing entitlement in my kiddos has been continuously lingering in my thoughts since C’s very first Christmas when gifts from loving aunts, grandparents, and my husband and I literally spilled from under the tree. (Six years and two more kids later and you can just imagine the sight of that tree now!)

It can be such a tricky line trying to balance how much is too much with our kids and I am really so, so pleased that Amy has chosen to tackle the topic. She always has such concrete and tangible wisdom to share and this time around is no exception.

I really appreciate that, whatever topic she is tackling, Amy always leaves me with a step-by-step game plan to get started right away. Read More

In the seven years since we’ve been throwing kids’ birthday parties, the party landscape has lost its mind. I blame Pinterest.

Last week was the big first birthday for our youngest, and let’s just say the theme was “simplicity.”

It’s a good thing love isn’t measured in mix-your-own trail mix stands or chalkboard signs or carnival themes, because Em had none of that last Thursday. And spoiler – she didn’t care. She didn’t even care about the age-appropriate first birthday gift we gave her (although the stacks of tissue paper I used to wrap it were a huge hit).

Before settling on that toy set with the lights and buttons and whirling things, I jumped online to Google “first birthday gift ideas,” and ended up on, you guessed it, Pinterest.

And down the rabbit hole I went, until I found myself seriously debating the merits of a rustic/vintage county fair theme complete with a mini petting zoo and a photo booth (family heirloom quilt backdrop, naturally) to a decidedly more practical pink lemonade stand idea. Because who’s going to refuse to buy lemonade from the tutu-bedecked birthday girl? That’s what I want to know. Also – does the handcrafted ombre banner put it over the top, or is that just me?

And really quickly, how much planning and preparation and work goes into a vintage county fair first birthday party anyway? Good Lord. Who are these people? And can we be friends?

If I’m being honest, Read More

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When we published our free B.O.R.E.D. printable I told you we’d be following up with some posts on how to help your kids carry out the different tasks. Today we’re addressing R – read a book with the help of the non-profit Raising a Reader.

They’re hooking us up with some really solid ideas on how to keep kids reading this summer (and the rest of the year too!) and how to use the time to instill a love of reading that will last a lifetime.  According to Gabrielle Miller, Ed.D., national executive director of Raising A Reader:

“It is important to instill a love of books in children at an early age and introduce reading as a pleasurable experience. One way to do this is to establish a regular home-based literacy program that is independent of school, and the summer is a perfect time to start.”

Sounds like some sage advice to me – let’s raise us some readers, shall we? Here’s how…

Put it on the Schedule

  • Reading often gets lost in the shuffle of summer activities such as camp, sports and vacation travel. Schedule a regular time to share books with your child and establish a regular routine to ensure reading doesn’t become a low priority and has the same importance as other activities.

 Read the Book, Watch the Movie

  • If your child wants to see a summer blockbuster movie that is based on a book, read the book with your child first and then let them see the movie as a reward. This also works well with popular movies on DVD. Engage your child in discussions about differences or similarities between the book and the movie.

 Take it Outside

  • Create an outdoor reading area so the while family can enjoy the summer weather and not feel stuck inside. Children generally read indoors, so being outdoors will create a new environment for enjoying a book and boost a child’s enthusiasm for reading.

Read More

Do you guys make your own baby food? It’s something I always wanted to do but never quite got my system down in time.

I really wish I’d had Kaley write this post about a year ago!

She walks you through every step and points out the exact tools you’ll need to get the job done quickly and easily. She makes it look so easy I’m going to give it a go and serve it up to my 6, 4, and 1-year-old in reusable pouches like these as a nutritious snack!

Oh, and P.S., be sure you check out all of Kaley’s brilliant fruit and veggie puree recipes at the link near the bottom of the post!

Making fresh, homemade baby food is easier than you think, and you will feel good about giving your baby the very best food possible.

Most times, it is healthier, tastier, and cheaper than jarred baby food. It does take a little bit of preparation, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t even think twice about it.

Plus, you can put all the money you will save into baby’s college fund!

Everything you need to know about making fresh baby food at home Everything you need to know about making fresh baby food at home

To make your own healthy baby food, you will need:

  • fresh produce (organic if possible)
  • a pot
  • a steaming basket  or strainer
  • a rubber spatula
  • a blender – Don’t fall into the trap of buying a baby-specific blender. While the idea is great, to steam and blend in one, they only make a serving or two at a time, which isn’t the best usage of your time. Also, they are expensive and won’t be used for long. You will be much better off investing in a really good blender, that can be used long after your baby is done with purées. You can also just use whatever blender you already have, a nice blender just makes things a little faster and easier. We have been using this blender for years and are very happy with it (and Steph and her family love this one if you’re in the market for a super cost-effective alternative).
  • glass containers to store baby food in the refrigerator – I use Weck jars with an air-tight lid for storing, and also for serving.
  • freezer trays for freezing baby food in small portions – Anything that won’t be eaten in the next day or so goes into a Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray. I love that it freezes in nice 2 ounce portions, and comes in bright, fun colors. If you prefer to freeze in 1 ounce portions instead, this cube ice tray also works well.
  • baby food cookbooks for inspiration

Read More

*I’m a PediaSure SideKicks Partner and am a sponsored blog partner, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

Can you believe we’re talking First Day of School already?!!? It’s so funny to find out that parents kind of feel the same way about it as kids do (I never realized when I was a kid) – not wanting the summer to end but also a little excited about the new schedule and changing of the seasons.

I also never realized as a kid how stressful the first day of school can be for a parent! So much to worry about from making sure they have everything they need to crossing our fingers they’ll have a friend in the lunch room.

Today, I’ve asked our contributor, Kristin, who just happens to be a former 1st grade teacher, to share her best tips on having a successful first day back.

I love her ideas, especially #5, such a smart way to help ease your child’s anxieties!

My kids have been out of school for a month now and we’re at the half-way point, we have another month to swim and play. But there are parts of the country where the first day of school is right around the corner!

No matter where you are at this summer, though, most likely kids are thinking about school.  Even if school is a schedule you’ve kept for several years, anticipation of the first day can affect children in a variety of ways.

I asked my kids about some of the things they are nervous about on the first day of school.  Some of their fears were that they would have trouble making friends or they wouldn’t be able to find the friends they haven’t talked to over the summer.  They worried about having a nice teacher and keeping up with the homework.

If it’s the very first day of kindergarten, children might worry about things that we wouldn’t even think about, like where to put their backpack or how to find the bathroom.

New experiences can be scary.  But, as a former teacher, I can offer a few simple tips that will start your year off great

Conquering the First Day of School Jitters

#1 Take a Tour of the School Before the First Day

You can call and make an appointment to have a tour of the school and meet some of teachers that are on campus.  It might not be your child’s teacher, but just meeting friendly adults will ease your child’s first day jitters.

Walking around the campus can help your child find the lunch area, the playground and Read More

Image Credit: © www.suzette.nu | Raaf playing | CC by 2.0

We’ve got another parenting story sent in by a reader to share today!

I’m so happy you guys are taking this idea and running with it, I can’t even tell you.

If you’d like to share something, I’d be honored to read it and maybe even post it here – just send me your submission here (more details here).

Today Laura is writing about what she’s learned during her transition to becoming a SAHM. Her words ring so very true and it’s a familiar tale but her spirit is all her own.

I especially loved the ending – made me think, “Hell ya, we do!”

Before I became a Stay at Home Mom, I had a very romantic idea of what my days would be. I was naïve enough to think I would have plenty of time to teach my little boy the alphabet, numbers, and animal sounds in English and ya know, if we had a little spare time, in Spanish, as well.

I thought I’d spend his naptime working on my print design business and blogging. I was confident that I’d be saving my family money by preparing nightly dinners and sending leftovers for my husband’s lunch the next day. I wish someone had told me.

It’s nothing like you could ever imagine.

I wish someone had told me that by time nap time rolls around you are exhausted and it’s not a perfect opportunity to work on side projects.

I wish someone had told me that preparing nightly dinners requires forethought because running to the grocery store for a few extra ingredients is not a simple feat with two kids at 4 o’clock.

I wish someone had told me that even if you are “chill” enough to let your child watch endless amounts of television, they eventually tire of it and start acting out by the third round of “Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog”.

I wish someone had told me that you can only visit the open gyms, parks, and pool so many times before they lose their luster.

I wish someone had told me that you need a support group otherwise known as mommy friends. They are the only ones that can appreciate a mid-morning text saying “we’re still in our pajamas, not leaving the house, but feel free to come over and play”. Read More

I don’t know about you, but for us… Summer is all about fun without the fuss. Our family loves the new-found together time. And we love doing activities together, both in and out of the house. But the key to making things more enjoyable for everyone? Especially for Mom?

Minimal planning and set up.

I mean, it’s KEY.

We’ve been focusing on getting outside as much as possible this summer, even despite the Texas heat. So any backyard activity that we can set up quickly is just what we’re looking for.

You, too???

Here’s our list of 20 “no/low” set-up ways to play with your kids in the backyard this Summer!

  1. DIY Enormous Slip-N-Slide: (Pictured above) Steph did this last year with her kids and they loved it so much they brought it back this summer. All it took was a sprinkler, a hill, and a huge piece of plastic (found at the local hardware store) secured to a small plank of wood on each end.
  2. Play Sponge Bullseye: Use chalk to draw a target and assign points to each circle. Then let your kiddos aim and fire away with wet sponges.
  3. Make a Straw Bubble Wand: Tape paper straws together to make a geometric bubble explosion.
  4. Make your own Super Sprinkler: Using a pool noodle, duct tape, and a hose…make this quick version of a backyard sprinkler (but a lot more fun!).
  5. Play Pool Noodle Ring Toss: Just like it sounds, cut pool noodles to make your very own ring toss game.
  6. Make a Tin Foil Boat River: Make boats out of ice cubes and toothpicks, then watch them float down a river made of tin foil.
  7. Have a Kiddie Car/Bike Wash: Roll out the trikes and trucks, grab the suds, and let the kids get to washing their kiddie cars.
  8. Make Giant Bubbles: Make this giant bubble want using just a few items from your local hardware store.
  9. Play Water Balloon Basketball: Play the classic sport with a basket ball net, or even just a basket. Toss the water balloons and see who can make the furthest shot!
  10. DIY Yard Twister: Just paint the circles on the grass, let dry, and play until your heart’s content.
  11. Play Glow in the Dark Tic Tac Toe: Here’s a night time game. Twist Glow sticks into x’s and o’s, and play under the moonlight.
  12. Make up a Water Game: Like this one called “Roll and Splash”.
  13. Play Tag: An oldie but a goodie. Here’s five different ways to mix it up.
  14. Play Stumps Tug-of-War: Make tugging a little more challenging by balancing on crates or upside down baskets.
  15. Go on a Treasure Hunt: Send your kids off to hunt for gold with this free printable treasure map.
  16. Make a Dirt Volcano: Make your own lava explosion out of, you guessed it, dirt from your very own backyard.
  17. Play Backyard Scrabble: Draw over sized letters on pieces of square cardboard to create this fun-filled outdoor game.
  18. Do a Backyard Alphabet Hunt: Write out the alphabet, using paper or chalk, then have your kiddos find something outdoors that starts with each letter.
  19. Sheet Painting: Hang an old white sheet and let your kiddos create their very own masterpiece.
  20. Outdoor Target Practice: Let your kids practice their water gun aim by setting up cones and other obstacles.

For even more ways to play outside, be sure to checkout the “Outdoor Play” section of our famous Make & Play Vault!

Do you guys do family night?

I read in one of my favorite parenting books that it was an important thing to establish early on. You know, promotes communication, sibling and parent/child bonding, will make your kiddos confide in you more when they’re older, yadda, yadda.

So, we established family game night… And it was awful.

There was SO MUCH whining and pouting, and lots of the general mayhem and misery that occurs when a preschooler looses an all-important game of Chutes & Ladders.

I was all ready to throw in the towel on family night when I had an epiphany – “Family Night” doesn’t have to be “Family Game Night”. Or, at the very least, it doesn’t have to be “Sibling Fight for Ultimate Supremacy Night”. 

Since realizing that it was the pitting the kids against each other that was our specific undoing, things have been so much better! I talked to our contributor, Kristin, who’s kids are significantly older than mine about this and, wise parenting sage that she is, she totally got it.

She also had so many more genius tips for Family Night that I asked her to write them down for us – here and now. You’re welcome.

I was recently talking with a friend about families.  She mentioned that she’s a lot like her dad.  He was quiet and sometimes their interactions were a bit reserved.

He was raised in the same type of home, so it was what he was familiar with.  We discussed the ways that our family environments set the tone for the types of relationships we have. Read More

Summer for most families means even more time than usual spent in the car.

While this can easily mean chaos, temper tantrums, and sticky messes, these hacks prove car travel – whether long haul road trips or quick jaunts to the playground – can just as easily be organized, well-equipped, mess-free, and, dare I say it, pleasant for both parents and their offspring.

1. Missy of Lookie What I Did‘s car hack means that kids no longer have to balance (or not!) a drink, snack, or meal in their laps. Her solution–$1 shower caddies–makes transporting and eating on the go impressively easy, not to mention the amount of energy it’ll save you on car clean up time.

2. Speaking of cutting down on clean up time, consider this genius hack from Holly over at Kids Activities Blog, you’ll never clean your cup holders again!

3. Remedy the lack of a stable, even surface in your car by giving your kids a lap tray. Two Sisters Crafting did just that by transforming a cookie sheet. The flat surface makes coloring, eating, and watching movies possible for kids in the car. The testament to the power of the lap tray? Two Sisters says it kept a 4 year-old happy and entertained throughout a fourteen hour road trip. Read More

Being the mother of three kids ages 6 years down to 15 months, I get asked a lot by new mothers about my must-have baby items.

So when my very favorite store, Target, approached me and asked if I’d like to partner with them to shop the huge baby sale they’re having now through Saturday, July 11th, I just knew it was the time to finally publish my list.

Plus, this sale is no joke, so I was delighted to get a gift card to buy some of the items I’d been eyeing, as well as to stock up on those I continue to use all the time with baby M.

My favorite deal of the sale?

Spend $100 and get a $20 gift card or spend $200 and get a free $40 gift card!

With that $40 giftcard and the everyday 5% discount I get with my Red Card, I got everything pictured above for under $200! Yipee!

Read on for what I got along with my full list of what you must have (and what you really don’t need) for baby

Newborn – To Buy Right Away

Read More