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Toy Recommendations

When I think of spring I think of two things: spring cleaning and spring showers.  So right now seems like […]

Have you guys noticed the recent crop of building and designing toys hitting the shelves made specifically for girls?  This […]

Isn’t that structure amazing?  C spent a solid couple of hours constructing it the other morning. And then promptly fell […]

Today’s the last of MPMK’s 2012 Christmas Gift Guides, and it’s a good one – designed to nurture the explorer […]

Yay! I’m so excited it’s time to talk about our Artists & Creators Christmas Gift Guide.  This one is second […]

Gift guide #5 is all about things that go Vroom!  If I let C see it, I’m sure he’d want […]

I have so many friends with little girls that are absolutely obsessed with dolls right now that I just had to include […]

Installment #3 of 2012’s Christmas Gift Guide was born purely out of necessity.  With two rambunctious kiddos bouncing off the walls around […]

  Welcome to the famous MPMK Gift Guides and congrats on finding the most comprehensive and easy-to-use kids’ gift guide […]

Today I’m excited to give you a sneak peek of a big project I’ve been dilligently working on for quite […]

I’m so very excited about today’s giveaway AND promotion. That’s right, there’s a discount code and a giveaway today from […]

Last year I talked a lot about going DIY instead of commercial with the kids’ Easter baskets but I never […]

It’s Cyber Monday, which means if you weren’t standing in line in the middle of the night on Friday then […]

I’m a staunch subscriber to the belief that the best toys are “90% child, 10% toy”, meaning that it’s lots […]

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Seattle and I got some great pics of us taking full advantage […]