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Outdoor Play

I’m having so much fun rounding up our best posts for you to peruse while I’m working away on the […]

Much to me and my husband’s disbelief, our little girl turned two recently.  (Two!  I’m officially no longer a mama […]

I’ve been really inspired lately by a concept known as “invitations to play”.  The steps involved are about as simple […]

photos via Small Types   So I bet you’re expecting a slew of shadow puppets and Halloween fun from this […]

Happy Friday everyone.  I have to start today with a great big THANK YOU!  Not only have you all been […]

Lately I’ve noticed an abundance of cumulonimbus coolness popping up… must be something in the air (sorry, I’m ridiculous, I […]

Monday we did back-to-school, Tuesday was summer vacation, and yesterday back to school again so today it’s time for summer […]

Scavenger hunts (whether outdoors, in the car, or just in the living room) are a perfect kid activity.  Along with […]