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The grown ups (that’s you!)

One of my favorite parts of this strange and unexpected blogging career of mine, is that I get to play […]

Hey everyone, how’s your week going? Mine has been crazy busy! Mostly, I’ve been working like a madwoman on updating […]

Whether your family routinely does a ten hour trip to grandma’s every Thanksgiving, or you just find yourself in the […]

There are lots of great reasons to treat your children (even your youngest kiddos) as accountable, active participants at home by giving them […]

With the crisper (and around here, decidedly wetter) fall weather comes more time spent indoors. That means, it’s time to […]

Image: © Suzette – www.suzette.nu | edited and text added | Jippe Eating Scones | CC by 2.0 In honor of the fact that we’re giving away […]

We’ve got a whole “Back-to-School ” theme going on here this week. Last week it was6 Things Your Child’s Teacher Wants […]

What would you say if I told you that my 4 and 5 year old get up, get dressed, and […]

I recently found out our contributor, Kristin, has been hiding a very big secret from me – although she currently […]

If you’re like our family, having young children in your brood can mean a lot of “Date Nights In”. While […]

As a parent of three small children, germs are kind of the bain of my existence. Don’t get me wrong, […]

When I first checked out this video, I thought I knew what to expect. There seem to be a lot […]

We’ve been enjoying some great sunny weather this summer and I hope you guys have been doing the same! One […]

Before critiquing, correcting, or criticizing I will ask myself, “Is this really an issue or is it just annoying me?” […]

A quick reminder before we get started that our FREE positive parenting webinars with TODAY Show parenting contributor Amy McCready are […]