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If your child has ever suggested you just pay with your credit card when you said you couldn’t afford something […]

Don’t you sometimes wish someone would pick out your next book? I frequently think that when I’m standing in the […]

If there’s one thing I love about December, aside from the holidays, it’s the Best of 2015 book lists that […]

There are lots of signs that the holidays are around the corner: the radio is blaring Christmas tunes non-stop, every […]

I’ve got another great read for you guys today and I think what you’re going to love most about it […]

Is there anything better than those moments where you snuggle your baby in a rocking chair before softly putting them […]

You guys know I’ve been a long time fan of positive parenting expert Amy McCready. My family has used her […]

Image Credit: © David D | 137 – Look up! | CC by 2.0 (cropped & text added) When we published our free B.O.R.E.D. printable I […]

Image Credit: © Tim Roth| youth lagoon + open road | text added | CC by 2.0 ‘Tis the season of the roadtrip! […]

I have a confession to make. Since discovering the absolute genius that is audiobooks (see here for a primer on […]

Next month, I’ll be having my third child and my third girl. Which means that parenting little girls is always […]

Got a little reader on your gift list this year? Our resident children’s librarian, Janssen, here today with one of our […]

Since we’ve already done a round-up of her favorite Thanksgiving books, I thought a collection of books centering on strong […]

I know by now you are likely pretty sick of all things Ana, Elsa and Olaf. But here’s a parenting […]

We’ve got yet another resource for you to use with our free B.O.R.E.D. printable today. Our children’s librarian, Janssen, has rounded up […]