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Now that summer has officially arrived, are you prepared for it?  While most of us hope our summers will be […]

Did you guys know that along with her expertise in communication and play, our new contributor Kim also has a […]

Two Fridays ago I told you we were shipping the kids off to the grandparents for the weekend with the […]

image source   We’re shipping the kids off for some fun with the grandparents this weekend. And while they’re playing […]

As I mentioned on Monday, a small bought of spring cleaning fever recently hit our family.  This, in turn, got […]

I’ve talked a lot here about my general state of panic ever since C stopped napping regularly.  As you guys […]

After a week of vacation, it seems like it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a Project Organize Your […]

Something I’ve realized about Project Organize Your Entire Life lately, especially as I’ve been reading over your posts in the […]

Ever since sharing with you guys about parents swapping cliff notes (and your resounding positive response to the idea), I […]

Time for another Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life check in.  We’ve already addressed meal planning a bit but today I […]

Time for a POYEL check-in.  Hopefully you’re settling into a cleaning routine and you’re saving some time each week on […]

Today’s the day, time for me to unleash one enormous post and time for you to finally make a cleaning […]

So this is kind of, OK totally, putting the cart before the horse but I got so excited about the […]

After the mountain of feedback I received on Organize Your ENTIRE Life: Weekly Schedules (thanks for that by the way), […]

top right, top left, bottom left, bottom right We are young / So let’s set the world on fire / […]