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Sugar. Sometimes it’s my arch nemesis, sometimes it’s my best friend, most of the time it’s somewhere in between. I’ve […]

Most of us busy parents are on the look out for new ways to squeeze extra nutrition into our growing […]

Do your kids drink smoothies and/or homemade veggie juice?  A nutritious smoothie has been one of my go-to methods for […]

Our roasted chickpeas snack post (or roasted garbonzo beans, if you prefer) from last year was so popular that we […]

January is always a time that I am searching for new recipes to spice up our dinner routine. I’m usually […]

Have you given any thought to your New Year’s Eve plans? Since having kids, we keep it pretty low key […]

‘Tis the season for making memories, enjoying time with family and celebrating the sweet pleasures of the holidays. ‘Tis also […]

Around my house, we don’t love the idea of being scared or watching scary movies, but we do love dressing […]

Fall produce: it’s not all pumpkins and apple, folks. There’s a lot more to choose from come harvest time. Check out […]

Afternoons can be a busy time for parents. We get the kids in the door after school or practice and […]

School is back. The thought alone is overwhelming for most of us. (Myself included, and I don’t even have any […]

Fresh summer fruit season comes and goes so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was seeing the first watermelons […]

Where has summer gone?  I know it only officially started a few days ago but I’m already feeling like it’s […]

Today Natalie’s got four of our favorite summer drink recipes – perfect for capping off a hot and a busy […]

You know why I love having a team here on MPMK?  Because it allows me to cover topics I’m interested […]