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Image Credit: © Suzette – www.suzette.nu | found here | CC by 2.0  While I put a lot of stock in overarching parenting philosophies […]

Since our post 3 Apps I Use Everyday with My Kids was such a hit, I thought it would be […]

Life comes at you fast these days.  Have you noticed how we drink our morning coffee and the next thing […]

It’s January and for many parents that means it’s time to start thinking about school registration for next year. Jessica’s […]

Image Credit: © Steve Wilson | santa-clause | CC by 2.0 I adore Christmas. I love the lights and the decorations, the […]

Image Credit: © Donnie Ray Jones | Elsa’s Getting Mad | CC by 2.0 It’s a startling thing to see this whole […]

Image Credit: © Johan Larsson | 12.18.11 | CC by 2.0 Like a lot of parents, I wrestle a bit with how […]

I am not a morning person. Anyone in my family (or extended family) can attest to that.  In fact, I […]

What do you do when your fifteen month old refuses to walk? Like, refuses to even try and gets all […]

Our family is still slowly dipping our toes into the world of having school-aged kids. One of the topics that seems […]

I’ve got another great read for you guys today and I think what you’re going to love most about it […]

I’m so happy to introduce you guys to Billy today. He has some really interesting things to say about self-care, […]

Image Credit: © Suzette – www.suzette.nu | found here | CC by 2.0  Jessica is with us today discussing, once again, how do we […]

The nature of blogging is so fast paced – always working to churn out that next post – that every […]

I’ve written here already about how back-to-school always feels like a breath of fresh air to me – largely because […]