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Midweek Musings

So, guess what… Ok, based on the photo above that my hubby snapped on his phone last night, I’m guessing […]

I’ve been talking to you guys a lot about bully-prevention lately as part of a campaign we’re working on with […]

Today Melissa & Doug are sponsoring a little chat all about birthdays (and giving away one mega prize pack too!). […]

It’s tax day (meh) so I figured it would be a great time to buck up everyone’s spirits by providing […]

When it comes to dealing with sick kids, parents fall all along the spectrum from purely homeopathic to over-the-counter all […]

Last week I had a play date with a friend who also has two kids, except her youngest is only […]

When it comes to family planning, to date I have been a very private, if not down-right sneaky, individual – […]

(images via refashion co-op and Freshly Picked) I mentioned yesterday we recently celebrated C’s 4th birthday.  The day after he […]

I recently came across, The Power of a Parent’s Touch and the post resonated with me so much. Now that my oldest […]