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After what seemed like forever, we recently got a dining room table as well as carpet in the living room […]

We’re back with another Happy Family Habit today and it’s a really good one.  Kristin has a lot of really […]

I don’t know about you, but I don’t cook much in the summertime.  Mostly we grill, which I leave to […]

Is it just me or do the 3 weeks between our Happy Family Habits, fly by?  Really, what?!, I’m still […]

We took a brief break from our Happy Family Habits series in July because a lot of you guys (and […]

It’s been another 21 days so Kristin is back again with a new Happy Family Habit. (By the way – […]

MPMK contributor and professional photographer Kristin is here today sharing easy ways to ensure that you show up in the […]

Last week something kind of remarkable happened to me.  I had one of those rare days where everything just seemed […]

It’s March!  Which means spring – and spring cleaning – are just around the corner.  Which also means it’s time […]

It’s that time of year again – time for the kiddos to get creative and show some love to their […]

One of the things I’ve been dying to tackle with Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life is digital photo storage.  I […]

Two weeks ago, our family was on our way to pick up a Christmas tree when my 4 year old […]

Kristin’s back today sharing a really smart way to bring your holiday decor up a notch this year. I’m already […]

My friend Allyson from Day to Day Wonderments recently completed a project that was just too good not to share!  She, like […]

I’m not embarrassed, actually slightly embarrassed, to show you the inside of a messy drawer in my house.  This type-A […]