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In the Kitchen

Having just survived a move with small children, a lot of my healthy eating habits seem to have flown out […]

The back to school ads are popping up again and you know what that means, time to start thinking about […]

Did you guys know the majority of people’s childhood memories involve being outside?  It’s true! (Go ahead and think of […]

2013 is the summer of the move here at MPMK.  There are currently four members of our team (including myself) […]

Eating healthy is kind of the talk of the town these days.  But what about when it comes to the […]

I’ve got something extra clever for you guys today.  There are tons of recipes out there for homemade popsicles this […]

Where has summer gone?  I know it only officially started a few days ago but I’m already feeling like it’s […]

Today Natalie’s got four of our favorite summer drink recipes – perfect for capping off a hot and a busy […]

If you aren’t familiar with the blog Small Fry yet, then you are in for a treat!  It was launched […]

I’m very excited to introduce to you our newest MPMK contributor, Jodi.  She’s a natural foods chef with an incredibly […]

I’ve got another tasty and healthy drink to share with you guys today.  Think of it as the summer version […]

You know why I love having a team here on MPMK?  Because it allows me to cover topics I’m interested […]

Martha Stewart Crafts recently offered to send over some supplies in exchange for a creative Mother’s Day DIY.  I happily […]

Natalie’s with us today sharing her favorite tasty treats that Dad and the kiddos can tackle together for Mother’s Day. […]

When our Happy Drink post came out last month it got a hugely positive response!  Apparently, there are quite a […]