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In the Kitchen

Fall produce: it’s not all pumpkins and apple, folks. There’s a lot more to choose from come harvest time. Check out […]

We’ve got a new contributor joining our MPMK team (yay!).  Wendy of the bento-fabulous blog Wendolonia is going to start […]

photo source   I know that a lot of you out there are busy parents like me who want to […]

I don’t know about you, but I don’t cook much in the summertime.  Mostly we grill, which I leave to […]

Afternoons can be a busy time for parents. We get the kids in the door after school or practice and […]

School is back. The thought alone is overwhelming for most of us. (Myself included, and I don’t even have any […]

Fresh summer fruit season comes and goes so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was seeing the first watermelons […]

The first time I made chia seed pudding, I was amazed. I mixed these little black seeds with some almond […]

Having just survived a move with small children, a lot of my healthy eating habits seem to have flown out […]

The back to school ads are popping up again and you know what that means, time to start thinking about […]

Did you guys know the majority of people’s childhood memories involve being outside?  It’s true! (Go ahead and think of […]

2013 is the summer of the move here at MPMK.  There are currently four members of our team (including myself) […]

Eating healthy is kind of the talk of the town these days.  But what about when it comes to the […]

I’ve got something extra clever for you guys today.  There are tons of recipes out there for homemade popsicles this […]

Where has summer gone?  I know it only officially started a few days ago but I’m already feeling like it’s […]