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Happy Monday everyone. I’m pretty thrilled to be able to announce today that Allison of All for the Boys will […]

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, short weeks always seem to wreak havoc on my schedule. Plus today was C’s last […]

Homemade playdough – If ever there was a quintessential DIY this is it!  Parents and children have been happily cooking […]

Have you ever had a day you weren’t really looking forward to, for one reason or another, but actually turned […]

I’m at momtastic this week sharing my favorite new painting technique.  S and I picked it up at toddler group […]

I’m so over winter.  Seriously, I feel like we’ve done the cold and snow thing enough already – I’m jonesing […]

We were stuck inside the other day in an attempt to keep a case of the sniffles from becoming something […]

This time of year can be so tough if you have little ones in the house.  Snowy weather combined with […]

  I know I typically focus on the younger set around here but, with Christmas Break looming, I figured you […]

I’m guest posting at Whip Up today with one of my favorite new art techniques: block printing with yarn.  This […]

Thanks so much to you all for another lovely week.  There’s been so much going on, I’m not sure where […]

We’re FINALLY having professional family photos taken next weekend and I’m so excited!  (There is a small chance it might […]

With all the fun we’ve been having over here, I’ve neglected to keep you informed about what I’ve been up […]

Happy Friday everyone.  I have to start today with a great big THANK YOU!  Not only have you all been […]

Monday we did back-to-school, Tuesday was summer vacation, and yesterday back to school again so today it’s time for summer […]