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You know how we love a good messy sensory art project here at MPMK. So far we’ve tackled DIY finger paint, […]

Today we’ve got a very sweet playtime activity from our newest contributor, Alli.  I love the dramatic play aspect of […]

We’re taking a little break from Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life today and highlighting an intriguing winter science decor project […]

I always try to make an extra effort to do some special activities with the littles this time of year. […]

I’m thrilled to introduce you guys to our newest MPMK contributor, Alli. She’s an amazing mama, photographer and kiddo activity […]

So I know I suggested decorating ginger bread men in lieu of gingerbread houses in this year’s 24 family Advent […]

With Thanksgiving coming up (here in the US) there are plenty of opportunities to talk about thankfulness with our kids. […]

Getting kids outside in the cold and wet weather can be a challenge, we know.  But doctors and teachers agree […]

Space, the final frontier, has always been a source of fascination and awe for children.  Which is why the death […]

It’s gooey. It’s gummy. It’s like glue. It’s oobleck! I love activities that correlate with children’s books, and this is […]

At first I was feeling guilty that this post is long overdue – we started the series back in May […]

Last fall I was absolutely delighted when the lovely Kylie of How We Montessori agreed to write a four part […]

I’m having so much fun rounding up our best posts for you to peruse while I’m working away on the […]

I love activities that are cheap, easy, and entertaining for more than just a minute. This is one of my […]

How’s your summer going so far?  Running out of ways to fill the hours yet?  Never fear, today I’ve rounded […]