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A simple game to teach your kids to wash their hands (finally!)

{Parenting} Teaching Kids to Wash Hands & Kill Germs

As a parent of three small children, germs are kind of the bain of my existence.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for my kids building up their immunity while playing in the dirt and socializing with friends.

What I’m not cool with, however, are my kiddos neglecting to wash their hands after using the toilet and then putting said hands on EVERYTHING.

Apparently Clorox understands my pain. Check out this funny little video on just how sticky germs really are (but beware, it’s a bit unsettling).

Then click through when it’s over and scroll down their site for an awesome “Cinnamon Magic” game to play with the kids to teach them the importance of handwashing.

Happy weekend!

Image Credit: © Juhan Sonin | 08.21.13 | CC by 2.0 (photo edited and text added)



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