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Lots of handy free checklists to finally get your spring cleaning done - love the look of #6, actually makes me feel happy about cleaning!

Free Spring Cleaning Printables (POYEL Round-Up)

Now that it’s mid-April, we’re definitely due a Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life spring cleaning post… have you gotten started yet?  Yeah, me neither. But I’m given myself a free pass with the recent arrival of M to our family.

Just in case you don’t have such a convenient excuse, Kristin has rounded up for us some of the best FREE spring cleaning checklists around to help get you started.  Good luck!

  • If there’s anyone that can inspire us to Spring Clean, it’s Martha.  Stewart, that is.  It’s that time of year we get the itch to clean out cupboards, organize drawers and basically purge dirt from the house. So let’s start with Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning Checklist.  She has a printable checklist with an overview of everything we need to know about the proper way to clean and organize. (Surprise, surprise.)
  • There are some like The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking that say they LOVE cleaning.  I don’t know if I’d say I love cleaning, but I’m going to follow your Spring Cleaning Checklist if it will make me love to clean!
  • I love the inspiration from I Dream of Clean to start the spring cleaning process with a checklist and then join in on Spring Clean 365, so it’s not just a once a year process.
  • Room by room checklists, like this one from Ask Anna and this one from Right at Home, make an overwhelming task doable.  Personally, I love breaking up spring cleaning into several days.  I just don’t have the time to dedicate an entire day or weekend to this project.  But, I can find 15 minutes here or there.  And there’s something about checking things off a list that makes me feel so accomplished at the end of the day.
  • Living Well Spending Less suggests breaking the home up into zones (from top to bottom) that help to organize the effort.  Her checklist will show you how pre-cleaning, which kids can totally help with, speeds up the process.
  • If you need to just get in and get out, take a look at the printable from Glitter Guide.  She tells us how to Spring Clean in one day.  And it’s thorough too!  Plus, her list is so pretty, you’ll want to clean so you can come back to check off boxes.

So there you go – take 15 minutes or an entire day this week to start the spring cleaning process.  We all know how great a clean house feels.  Especially when you’re able to put up your feet at the end of the day and enjoy it!

For even more cleaning help be sure to check out the cleaning section of POYEL – especially our Mega Cleaning Action Plan.




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