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15 Free printable Valentines - super cute ideas for this year's classroom Valentines... think we're going to hand out #8!

Free Valentine Printables to Bring to Class

Free Valentine Printables can be a busy parent’s best friend.

If you’re like me, you’d ideally plan out your child’s Valentines weeks in advance. Thanks to pinterest and a world of creative bloggers, we are inspired to create Valentine masterpieces.  There are some years that I just can’t pull my act together until a day or two before the classroom party and I end up scrambling.  If that’s you, we’ve got ya covered.

We’ve scoured the web and put together our 15 favorite free printable valentines ranging from the wow-all-my-friends projects to the oh-no-valentines-day-is-tomorrow ideas.

Mer Mag starts us off with an easy to make Valentine mailbox made out of a cracker box and duct tape to keep all your Valentine’s in.

15 Free Valentine Printables

  1. The Erupting Volcano Dinosaur Valentine by Fun at Home with Kids could possibly be the coolest thing to send to school!
  2. If you’re looking for something original, check out the Flip Book Valentine by You are my Fave.
  3. Tiny Animal Valentines by Sweet C’s Designs – I’m in love with the font and colors. There’s also MPMK’s very own Animal Herd Printable Valentines complete with cards teaching kids all the fun names for different groups of animals.
  4. If you’re feeling like baking, check out the Valentine Marshmallow Bag I created last year.  Click here to download the template.
  5. The Decoder Valentines by And We Play are so creative they will inspire classmates to go home and try making their own.
  6. Paging Supermom created the funniest Whoopee Cushion Valentine.
  7. With the LEGO Movie coming out, I have a feeling these Forceful Valentines by Stitch/Craft are going to be a huge hit.
  8. No Biggie found us Country Living‘s adorable Paper Airplane Valentine.  All you need is paper, it doesn’t get any easier.
  9. With the Rainbow Loom craze, I thought you’d enjoy The Loom-azing Valentine by The Celebration Shoppe.
  10. Also on our list is the Smartie Valentine by Seven-Thirty Three.  The use of washi tape is really sweet in this valentine.
  11. The Celebration Shoppe also brought us these Hugs and Kisses Valentines.  Just get some paper and Hershey Kisses to whip these up!
  12. Play off the mustache trend with these Fan (Tache) Tic Valentines by Plum Adorable.
  13. Plan ahead to purchase test tubes and make these Love Potion Valentines by Hello Bee.
  14. Another fabulous last-minute idea are these Glow Stick Valentines by Delia Creates.
  15. Lastly, these School Lunch Valentine Printables by Chickabug would be so fun to use the whole Valentine week.

Whether the valentine is elaborate or simple, just remember to have fun (and don’t stress!) with your kids this Valentine’s Day.



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