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Free resources to learn to spot executive functioning issues in your children and to know what to do about them.  Bookmark for later reference.

How to Spot Executive Functioning Issues in Your Child

Happy Friday guys – hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Now that the sugar-rush has (hopefully) subsided, I wanted to pass on some free resources from my friends at the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD).

As parents, we’re lucky to live in a time in which a lot more is known about learning disorders, and a lot more resources are available.  To that end, it’s always helpful to know the signs if your child is dealing with a learning issue.

The NCLD has just come out with a brand new infograph and eBook about executive functioning issues. Personally, executive functioning isn’t something I know all that much about so I found this info. very enlightening.  I learned that the main issues center around trouble with motivation, flexible thinking or working memory. I highly encourage you to head over and get some free resources, and pass the link on to your mom friends too!

Also this week, I’ve once again been over on Sulia chatting about:

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