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Lots of ideas on how to set up a homework station in your home - just what we need!  Especially love boy-friendly #6!

POYEL: Do-able DIY Homework Stations

Annie’s with us today and she’s got an especially timely Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life post for us: do-able homework stations. My kiddo aren’t in full time school yet but I’m eyeing these setups never-the-less.  After all, it’s never too early to give you littles a quiet space to practice reading, writing, or just being creative.

As summer draws to a close, our focus shifts from the beach to back to school; teachers, lessons, classrooms, and homework. With kids of all ages now trucking home extensive workloads, it’s wise to establish a space inside the home that’s a suitable study environment.

Without an efficient place to do homework, children can struggle to focus, can lack the motivation to attend to their work, and can be prone to household distractions (They can also, in reaction to insufficient workspaces, develop exceedingly strange study practices which will raise eyebrows for the remainder of their existence. The habit of working on the floor, as there was no other viable option for me as a kid, is one I have yet to outgrow. To this day I can’t truly focus unless I’m hunched in a ball way down on the floor like some weirdo. Trust me, you don’t want to perpetuate this scenario).

With that in mind, we’ve decided to round up 10 of the most brilliant, doable DIY homework stations from around the interweb just for you.

1. Jen of Craft-O-Maniac takes an under-utilized portion of her kitchen and transforms it into a ridiculously inviting art and homework station, complete with a place to hang artwork, clipboards for spelling words, and a wall calendar.

2. Jessica of Mom 4 Real pulls together a back to school homework station from a table and a desktop carousel. To top it off, she injects that extra studious vibe by way of a mirror converted into a chalkboard.

3. Jenn of My Fabuless Life proves that establishing a child’s creative space is as easy as 1 (a piece of wood), 2 (some paint), 3 (shelf brackets).

4. Daniela of Trebuchet offers a solution for those who may be limited on space, but still seeking to implement a functional homework station. A cart in the kitchen filled with school supplies can be stationed wherever it’s most convenient, even if it’s just pulled up to the table for easy access.

5. Rebecca of The Crafted Sparrow manages to create the most boy-friendly homework station around. Toys and various wall decor establish the ambiance, while two chalkboards, hanging baskets of supplies, a small table and two stools provide the function.

6. Parents and Amy of The Motherload have a similar idea– create a portable study carrel. This is perhaps the easiest DIY of the bunch, can be personalized in myriad ways, and allows for maximum flexibility in terms of where children can study.

7. Bonnie of Uncommon Designs illustrates an effective solution for children who need to study on the go– a homework crate filled with all the study essentials allows children to get their learn on regardless of where they are.

8. Kelly of Eclectically Vintage reminds us that homework stations don’t have to be elaborate to be successful–or stylish. This lady snaps her fingers, scoops up two affordable IKEA tables, a couple of table lamps and a handful of highlighters and renders a perfect study solution for her twins.

9. Leanne of Organize & Decorate Everything gives us another take on the homework tote. Using an IKEA cardboard carrier as her base, she whips up a school supply kit that’s as organized as it is portable.

10. Jill of I Know The Plans I Have For You finds a way to have a crib grow up with her kids. Remove one side from the crib, add some paint and a couple of chairs and you’re left with a fully functioning homework station and one heck of a repurposed piece of furniture.

We hope these ten will inspire you to create a homework station, too.




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