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Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack - an 84 page PDF download put together by the best playtime bloggers around.  With 84 pages of summer activities, adventure ideas, and reading lists - you and the kids will never be bored.

Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack – End of Summer 50% Off Sale!

It’s August already!  Have you checked everything off from your summer bucket list?  If not, and if one of those things is simply to entertain the kids with some good ‘ol fashion at-home fun, then time is of the essence!

But scouring the web to find activities to fill the days just takes way too long. If you’re like me, you need simple ideas that will be successful for all of the kids – and lots of them. Activities that will allow for bonding time, but also independent play, and that will keep the kids happy and their brains stimulated all summer long.

That’s where the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack comes in. It’s an 86 page PDF I’ve been secretly cooking up with a group of the best playtime bloggers around

and we’ve just reduced the price to 50% off!  Get it here for only $7.50.


It’s really going to help you make the most of the precious time you have left this summer.  The activities are open-ended so they’re great for a wide range of ages (I’d say 2 years to at least 9 years, if pressed). Here’s a peek inside:

Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack - an 84 page PDF download put together by the best playtime bloggers around.  With 84 pages of activities, adventure ideas, and reading lists - you and the kids will be set for the summer!


$14.99 $7.50

Included in your 86 page Summer Activities Pack, you’ll find:

Planning Printables

  • Summer Bucket List – Make sure you don’t miss something you REALLY want to do.
  • Summer Routine Sheet – Combine your tasks and the kids activities.
  • Theme Adventure and Activity Planner – You won’t forget what supplies you need.
  • Summer Survival Sheet – Keep your most important data in one spot.

3 Comprehensive Theme Weeks

Each including playtime activities, ideas for getting out of the house, and reading lists:

  • Water: Splash and Play
  • Art: The Earth Without art is just “Eh”
  • Nature: Explorers in Your Own Back Yard

PLUS – Sensory Play Any Day theme with a printable list of ideas you can refer to any time you need an activity QUICK that will engage the kids and keep everyone happy. The Sensory Play section also includes links to loads of sensory activities that rank as favorites with our kids.

In total the pack contains 45 detailed play activities as well as TONS more ideas and resources.

Along with the planning printables, activity instructions, adventure ideas, and reading lists – we’ve also included bonus sections to ensure your summer runs smoothly.  Topics include:

  • How to Plan for a Mindful Summer
  • How to Keep the Peace Between Siblings
  • How to Put Together a Basic Summer Art Kit (Plus 20 more art ideas using just those basics)
  • How to Get the Most Out of Museum Field Trips
  • How to Discuss Art with Kids
  • Kitchen Sensory Fun
  • And more!


It’s basically what you’d get if you asked all of your favorite teachers, babysitters, and supermoms to make a summer curriculum just for you…

Don’t wait, order your pack today and be all set for summer – now 50% off and only $7.50!



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