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Tools for the Modern Mama (Plus a Giveaway)

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a conference put on by Disney especially for “Mom-preneurs” (a term I wasn’t even familiar with, let along associated with myself, until then).  The keynote speaker was uber inspiring and I met lots of great ladies.

Since that time it seems like brilliant Mom-preneurs have been falling into my lap left and right. So I’m planning on highlighting some of my favorites in this little space of mine, to give you all a look at the awesome stuff moms out there are up to.  Today, we’ve teamed up with Mom-prenuer Megan who is the founder of our newest sponsor, MamaSeeds.  

Here’s Kaley, MPMK’s resident preggers mama, to tell us all about how Megan’s using technology to make life a little easier for the modern mom (and mom-to-be). Oh, and did I mention?

There’s a giveaway and a free offer! Use the code “mpmk” to try mamaseeds for free for a whole month and scroll down to enter to win a lifetime membership.

During my first pregnancy, I attended a weekly prenatal yoga class at a local yoga studio. I loved meeting other pregnant women and taking time every week to just relax and take care of myself. When I found out I was pregnant for the second time, I thought I would sign up for another prenatal yoga class. But working full time and taking care of a four year old hasn’t exactly left me with a ton of free time.

The obvious choice for me was to try to do it on my own. I have been doing yoga for a lot of years and even taught yoga for a brief period of time, so practicing on my own didn’t seem like much of an issue. But being disciplined and inspired enough to practice every day was. And it is always nice to be reminded which modifications to do during each trimester. So I set out to find a program that I could do at home, when I had time.


When I found out about MamaSeeds, the new site that helps modern moms prepare for childbirth and meet the challenges of motherhood through great yoga and pilates videos, a virtual journal, and an online community –  I couldn’t wait to try it out. Not only do they have a handful of different prenatal exercise videos, but they are all less than 30 minutes. Perfect for fitting in a nice session during nap time or after my little one is in bed.

And since the poses aren’t super challenging, my daughter often does the video right along with me, which we both really enjoy. These videos came in especially handy during our recent vacation to the beach. I wanted to spend as much time as possible relaxing with my family and playing at the beach, but didn’t want to go all week without working out.

With MamaSeeds, I was able to spend a few minutes each morning before breakfast doing a quick video from my iPhone. Little time spent away from my family and a happy and relaxed mama. Win, win.

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 3.58.58 PM

Although I was primarily looking for some good prenatal exercise videos, I was pleasantly surprised with the other things MamaSeeds has to offer. A few of my other favorite features include:

Belly Massage

They say that this video helps to prevent stretch marks, but I just like any kind of massage for any reason at all. But hey, if it prevents stretch marks, I am all for that! I have been doing this routine after I get out of the shower as I am putting on lotion and it is such a treat. (Even more of a treat when someone else is doing the massaging for me.)

Mama And Baby Videos

The Mama and Baby Pilates and Mama and Baby Yoga videos look great and I am excited to try them all once our baby is born. I am all about getting rid of the “mummy tummy” as quickly as possible, but it is hard to find time to work out with a newborn. Like the prenatal videos, they are all under 30 minutes and can be done right in my living room. Because if I think I am running short on time now, I can only imagine how I will feel with 2 little ones in the house…

Baby Videos

There are even videos on baby massage and tummy time. I read a few books on baby massage when my daughter was a newborn and tried incorporating massage into her bedtime routine. She loved it and it was a nice bonding time. But it would have been so much easier if I had a video to follow along to make sure that I was doing it right.

I can see myself using these videos daily once our little one arrives. And my daughter has already been doing the baby videos with her dolls to practice. (Can you tell she is just a little bit excited to be a big sister?) They are simple enough and short enough that a 4 year old can do them… which is about the attention span that I have during the post-partum haze.


The Journal & Community

It is so fun to document the little things that happen during pregnancy and early motherhood. But who has time to keep an old fashioned journal these days? On MamaSeeds you can keep your own journal, complete with photos, to remember everything from your pregnancy and your baby’s first few years. You have the option of keeping these journal entries private or sharing them with the awesome community of other MamaSeed mamas.


The Mama Blog

If you do nothing else after reading this, bookmark the Mama blog, add it to your reader, or subscribe by email. Every single article I have read has been awesome. Covering every imaginable topic from breastfeeding to natural childbirth to starting solids, it is a great resource in and of itself. I just read A Soundtrack For Bringing Baby Into the World and loved the idea so much I spent the next hour in iTunes planning my own playlist, and I am so excited to use it.

Ready to win your very own MamaSeeds membership?  Use the rafflecopter below to enter and be sure to tell all your mama friends to enter too.  Good luck! And don’t forget – you can try a free month of mamaseeds with the code mpmk.

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