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The Best Gear and Ideas for Being On-the-Go with Kiddos (plus a Giveaway)

I’ve got a great post sponsored by OXO Tot today, especially for all you parents out there hitting the road (or just the local park) this summer.  We’ve got tips, sneak peaks at products that haven’t even hit the shelves yet, and (best of all) a giveaway of goodies worth over $70!

Are you guys familiar with OXO Tot?  I’ve always gravitated towards the brand’s modern style but wasn’t familiar with their story until they approached me about collaborating.  From 2004 to 2009, 25 babies were born to OXO’s (then) 50 employees. Since then, no less than one dozen new babies have joined the family. With all that growth comes a lot of experience… and ideas.

Today we’re getting a sneak peek at their latest products designed to help ease the nerves related to traveling with kids so parents can relax, recharge and renew themselves.  Plus, a chance to win some of this awesome gear AND some really useful tips on how to get out with the kids this summer while staying sane.  So lets dive in, shall we?

Tip #1: Never Go Anywhere without Wipes!

Mothers the world over know the value of a hardworking wipe – for cleaning up messes, wiping down tables, as napkins at the park, etc.  The only problem is the packaging can be bulky and flimsy reusable containers can cause them to dry out.

OXO’s On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser (available July 28th on Diapers.com) has a slim shape for bags plus a silicone tether for easy attaching to strollers or even car headrests (how smart is that?!). Plus the clever design allows for easy, one-handed access to the wipes without drying them out.  If you have potty training kids, it’s worth having two – one for regular wipes and one for flushable wipes to be used in public restrooms.

Tip #2: Stroller Hooks are Great for Storage AND for Keeping Track of Kids

We have a fabulous double stroller that the kids absolutely love and we take it all over the place. The only drawback with our stroller (and pretty much every other stroller out there) is there never seems to be enough storage.  A sturdy stroller hook such as OXO’s Handy Stroller Hook (available this August on Diapers.com) can change all that by providing an extra spot to hang diaper bags, hats, etc.

It can even serve as a second pair of hands.  If you’ve just spent a day at the park and the stroller is piled high with sand toys, beach blankets, scooters, and your baby, you can use your hands to stabilize everything on the way to the car while instructing your toddler to hold tight to the stroller hook – so handy! (Pun totally intended.)

Tip #3: Carry a Well-Stocked and Seasonally Appropriate First Aid Kit

In the summertime, this means adding supplies for addressing sunburns, slivers, and bug bites, as well as your everyday boo boos.  Sunscreen, bug spray, ibuprofen, bandaids, neosporin, antibactrial wipes, tweezers, a thermometer, some aloe and an instant cold pack in a ziplock will do.

great tips and gear for being on-the-go with baby

Tip #4: The Right Bib Can Keep More than Your Little One Clean

Given the name of this blog, you might be surprised to learn that I’m a big HUGE proponent of bibs. Not because I want my kids to be clean all the time, but because they allow me to let my kids get dirty without having to add tons of time pre-treating stains come laundry day.  The key to using bibs while out and about is durability and flexibility.

The Roll-Up Bib (available mid-July on Diapers.com) fits both of these criteria in that it’s easy to wipe clean and machine washable.  The real genius shines though, when lunch time is over and it’s time to pack everything up.  Simply roll the bib and tuck into it’s own pocket to keep your diaper bag from becoming a mess – you can hide other dirty utensils in the pocket too.

Another great tip – strap this bib on the kids when you’re letting them munch in the car.  The pocket will keep crumbs from littering your seats and the kids can happily eat from the pocket once their original food vessels are empty.

Tip #5: Keep Extra Toys, Towels, & Clothes in the Car at All Times

Summer has a funny way of morphing a simple trip to the park, or even to a friend’s house, into an immersive sensory experience.  There’s always an unexpected sandbox, water table, or splash pad lurking – so it’ll serve you well to always have some sand toys, a few towels, and a change of clothes on hand.  An extra ball to kick or frisbee to throw around isn’t a bad idea either.

Great tips and gear for being on-the-go with young kids

Tip #6: Invest in a Few Products that are Made to Travel

Moms are masters at Mcgyver-ing solutions for meeting their kids needs.  While I’m all for using what you’ve got – sometimes it really is easier to buy a product that is designed to help you out. The On-the-Go Feeding Spoon, On-the-Go Drying Rack, Formula Dispenser, and Flippy Snack Cup are all made to make life easier by keeping food tidy and accessible for your little ones.

S and C are especially loving the soft, ouch-free, cover on the snack cup and I’m finding the formula dispenser actually works as a great container for multiple snacks such as trail mix, berries, and goldfish.

And when I saw the On-the-Go Drying Rack, I couldn’t help but thinking how cool is that?  It’s a compact nipple cleaner, bottle brush and drying rack all-in-one that was conceived when an OXO employee was traveling and couldn’t find a clean space to dry her washed baby bottles and pump parts.

Tip #7: Work with the Heat and Let it Be Your Defroster

Let’s face it, no one likes food that’s been baking in the hot sun all morning, not even babies. Baby Blocks are 2 ounce containers that can be easily stacked in the freezer using their freezer tray.  Just pop the air-tight, leak-proof containers in your bag in the morning and they’ll be thawed and ready to go for lunch.  These are also great containers for portioning veggie purees that you want to sneak into various dinners.

Tip #8: Squeezable Fruit Pouches Aren’t Just for Babies

Just because your kiddos aren’t babies anymore, doesn’t mean they won’t continue to eat pureed food.  Squeezable fruit and veggie pouches are all over the place these days and are one of my absolute favorite ways to ensure the kids gets some veggies while we’re on-the-go.  I never leave home without at least a few stashed in my bag.

Tip #9: Keep a Waterproof Picnic Blanket in Your Car

These things are beyond handy.  They keep your butt dry when you cop-a-squat in the park grass and easily wipe up when your kids spill their water all over them.  Plus they fold up and velcro together for easy storage.

Ready to get your hands on some of the goodies above that aren’t even available in stores yet?

Go here to enter to win the tots travel prize pack of items featured above (valued over $70)!

*This post is sponsored by OXO Tot in collaboration with Linqia – all opinions are 100% my own.



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