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Play theme cheat sheet: Outer Space - part of an awesome series of monthly activity round ups centered on a theme.

Play Theme Cheat Sheet: Space

Even though it’s not quite August yet, we just couldn’t wait any longer to post our latest Play Theme Cheat Sheet.  We just know you’re going to love it!…

I am so excited about this month’s playtime cheat sheet, just because of the theme alone….SPACE!

I don’t know why, but I was somewhat overly fascinated with space as a child (nerd alert). I simply couldn’t get enough of it. I even asked for a toy planetarium for Christmas one year, which I’ve now passed down to my son. P.S. It still works like a charm!

Plus, with the heat hitting triple digits (at least in our neck of the woods), it’s the perfect theme to stay cool during the day, while enjoying some star-gazing at night.

We kicked things off with a super easy craft–making your own constellations.  All you’ll need is some black construction paper, chalk, and star stickers.

My kiddo and I actually chose to make a mural, using black wrapping paper instead of construction paper, so we could hang it up in his room for the rest of our theme month.


First, lay out your black paper, then you can begin putting the stickers on the “night sky.”  Explain that the stars your children place will eventually make constellations.


Then when you are done with your stars, use your chalk to connect small groups, making your constellations. Even better, get creative and try to make shapes or pictures, and then invent your very own stories around each one.


My son is really into construction right now, so we created “The Excavator”…



We even added some chalk-drawn planets and comets after we were done.

Super easy and educational. And did I mention, fun?!

Here are a few other ideas to help get the theme rolling throughout the month:


Toys and Books to help:

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