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Gotta try this with my little ones!

Mom Tools: How to Get Picky Eaters to Try New Stuff

Are you guys privy to the latest trend of sampler delivery boxes?  Basically, every month a delicious (and inexpensive) box crammed with all sorts of new foods for you to sample arrives on your doorstep.  Pretty cool way to beat the supermarket rut, right?

Well, MPMK’s newest sponsor, Goodies, has taken the idea to a whole new, brilliant level, by coming up with a kids’ sampler box (because how many times have you spent your hard-earned cash on something you thought the littles would like, only to get home and discover they won’t go near it?  My heart sinks every time that happens and I have to throw out the rest).

MPMK contributor, Kristin, got an exclusive sneak peek of the August Goodies box and had a little get together with her neighbors to try it out (’cause there was that much good stuff!).  She’s telling us all about it below.

Before we get to that – if you’d like to try out the August Goodies Box for only $7, you can sign up here.

Last week the Goodies snack box arrived on our door stop and the box alone brought all the kids to the front door.  Inside the black and white doodled box (meant to keep as a treasure box for later…and trust me, they all wanted to claim it!)  was a cleverly packed assortment of snacks that were all brand new to us.



What makes the Goodies box so fun is the wide variety of snacks.  There is something for everyone!  We got together with some friends to try everything out.  There is literally so much packed into this box that you could easily spread the snacks out over an entire week.  We couldn’t believe that all this was included for the $7 per month fee.


The kids had fun making vanilla milk with the Got Milk straws and dipping the Grammy Crisps.  Trying out new combinations of food and experimenting with flavors is all part of the fun.  Even our picky eaters found something to love.

Some of the snacks were even interactive.  We had fun looking for different types sea animals inside the Hawaiian Animal Cookies pack.  There was also a recipe card for making your own GLOP.


After you try out the snacks, you can go on the website and review them.  Our little group of friends had fun talking about their favorites.  Kids want to be heard…especially when it comes to their food!  If you find a snack that you can’t live without, you can re-order through the Goodies Co. website.  Genius!


If you’d like to surprise your picky kiddos with new snacks delivered directly to your door, sign up here.  Can’t beat the $7 price tag!

*This post was sponsored by Goodies, Inc., all opinions are 100% my own.



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Kristin is a former teacher turned children’s photographer in southern California. Visit her website to read all about her adventures in photography, cooking, and her love of style.

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Jan July 23, 2013 at 10:27 am

I’m disappointed in some of the ingredient lists. The sour straws had lots of vegetables mixed in which is great, but seriously, the “artificial flavors” was in higher quantity. If they had had all that healthy goodness,why put more artificial flavors in there?! Not to mention I don’t need to get sour straw candies in a box of snacks for my kids. I thought this would be great to help breakup the lunchbox or after school route, but since I can’t find any info on the site for the nutritional mission or values (I had to click on individual items and then click on nutrition facts) and there’s no way to show preferences (like no candy), I’ll hang onto my $7. I like the idea overall. Maybe another company will make it better for me sometime. I really wanted to do this since I have limited access to some new and healthy alternatives, but I really like to know what I’m buying, or that they will at least meet my nutritional standards without giving away half the box as soon as it arrives.


Kristin July 23, 2013 at 8:57 pm

You’re right Jan, some of the goodies are higher in sugar or artificial flavors. Others are on the healthy side, like the apple chips or roasted seaweed. Maybe this particular snack box isn’t for you, but hopefully it’ll inspire you to throw some new products in the snack routine!


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