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Great tips for making laundry less of a pain!

Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life: Tackling the Laundry

Something fun today – we’re partnering with the one and only Martha Stewart to bring you a Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life laundry post sponsored by our friends at Tide HE and Maytag Powerwash. I’ve actually been meaning to do a POYEL laundry post for a while now but have been putting it off because, frankly, laundry and I aren’t exactly BFFs.

But it has to be dealt with none-the-less, and who better to learn the tricks of the trade from than Martha herself right?

She’s sharing 8 new laundry rules to live by, as well as tips to get it all done, and I absolutely love #1: The Grass is Always Greener on the Lawn. It goes so well with MPMK’s mantra of not being afraid to get outside and get messy with the kids.

So here’s your POYEL mission – go check out Martha’s laundry tips and then be sure to share your best tricks here with all of us.


What are your best laundry tips?

Here are my current favorite ideas for tackling the never-ending laundry load:

  • Do it all in one day – I started doing this on accident (i.e. putting laundry off all week and then finally caving and doing several loads at once when no one had any clean underwear left). But I actually found that planning on doing several loads on Sunday, and not worrying about it the rest of the week, is much less stressful for me. I like it because I don’t feel like I’m behind all week.
  • Stop folding the kids’ clothes – My toddlers could care less if their clothes have a few wrinkles. Plus, I’m fostering their independence by letting them be in charge of putting away their clothes and getting them out to wear the night before. The net result is a lot of saved time for me.
  • Sort as you go – We have a separate hamper for colors, whites, and dry cleaning. Come laundry day I don’t have to spend so much time sorting before I even begin washing.

So there you go. I showed you mine, time to show me yours! And while we’re on the topic of laundry – do you all have HE washers? When we bought our house 5 years ago it came with an HE washer and dryer and I have to say I’ve loved them. The one thing about them, though, is you have to be sure to use the right type of detergent – this is key!

Ours broke last year and I’m convinced it’s because we used non-HE detergent after running out of our usual stuff. My hubby didn’t think so but the Tide people have clearly explained the benefit of their HE detergent and it makes sense to me, “Tide HE provides excellent cleaning with the right level of sudsing for high-efficiency washers. It creates few suds and disperses quickly to get great cleaning performance with only a fraction of the amount of water used in traditional machines”.

What do you guys think? Also, don’t forget to share those laundry tips – I can always use more!



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