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Mom Style: Look Cute While Showing Less

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It’s every woman’s favorite time of year – swimsuit season.  Do you guys struggle with this one as much as I do?  Of course there’s the usual body issues that a bathing suit can bring out in even the most secure lady, but post-kids there’s even more fun stuff to deal with (tummy pouch, vericose veins, saggy breasts… what have you).

As a result, I always find that I’m willing to spend a little more on a quality swim suit that will last me through the summer season and have me feeling my best.  And ever since I was about 16, I always tend to turn to the same place for said suit – J.Crew.

So imagine my delight when I popped over there today and found that this year they have a whole slue of offerings that go beyond the basic bikini and actually help to cover a mother up! Plus, they’re having a sale!!

I was so excited by the selection, and the discount, that I decided to skip today’s scheduled post and share my favorite finds.  Ready?  Here we go…

  1. (top left) My absolute favorite thing this season is the popularity of rash guards.  The one pictured above is ridiculously expensive (even with the 25% off sale), but they have a ton of them ranging from long sleeve to tank in some suprisingly hip and funky patterns.  The look is very surfer cool.
  2. (top right) The sleeveless style and modern print of this bandeau one-piece suit makes it a rare breed: a one-piece that isn’t matronly.
  3. (middle left) Tankinis have always been somewhat of a Godsend to mamas dealing with post-baby pouches.  The retro polka dot print and feminine cut of this one makes it extra special.
  4. (middle right) This Italian is no boring one-piece.  According to J. Crew, “It’s crafted of a revolutionary high-performance fabric from Jersey Lomellina®, a top Italian mill known the world over for its luxe technical fabrics. Featuring incredible freedom of movement and stretch retention.”  Because there’s nothing worse than a saggy suit!
  5. (bottom left) Of course, all women know that one of the best ways to feel confident on the beach or next to the pool is to always have a cute cover-up on hand.  I like the light and airy feel of this one.
  6. (bottom right) Last, but not least, these days a swimsuit has to have a good underwire to make it into my beach bag.

So what do you think guys – which one should I pick?  Also, don’t forget to use the code SUMMER and get 25% off if you go shopping for yourself!

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