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Great idea/tips on making a video of the craft your little guys make for Father's Day - Bet Dad will keep it a lot longer than the art project ;)

Getting Crafty And Recording It – A Father’s Day Gift Idea

Yesterday we had tips on making a lovely little photo project for Dad, so how about taking it a step further with a video project today?

Our resident healthy living expert, Anna, is here with something a little outside her norm.  Some friends recently put together a sweet video of their girls making a craft for their Daddy on his birthday.  He loved it so much that Anna naturally thought the idea would make an amazing Father’s Day gift.  Here she is with all the details.  Hope you try it!

I am really excited to share a fun and sentimental gift idea that also makes a wonderful keepsake. With Father’s Day around the corner, this really couldn’t come at a better time. After our incredible – you’ll see why in a minute – friends and occasional babysitters created this special gift for my husband, I couldn’t help but wonder, why have I not done this or seen it done yet? 

My friends are geniuses, I tell you. Creative geniuses.

Katie and her husband Matt, who is a videographer, offered to babysit our daughters so I could take my husband to a yoga class on the morning of his 30th birthday. We left a craft project out for them to work on and Matt, who was testing out some new gear, captured the hour or so of fun that unfolded.

They surprised us with the video at his party that night, and we were all in tears as we watched. My husband later told me that it was his favorite birthday gift ever. Take that 1993 Schwinn bike!

Joe’s 30th from mjasper on Vimeo.

This concept would make a great gift for many occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and, of course, Father’s Day. Making crafts, cards, cakes, decorating a christmas tree, planting a garden – really anything you can get your kiddos involved in.

When a video is put to music and edited to capture sweet and authentic moments, you don’t need to worry about the chaos or noise that accompanies the project. Let the kids be kids, right? That is what we want to see.

For anyone with an iPad, we have been experimenting with making videos and then editing them on the iMovie or Magisto apps. I was worried that I might be in over my head with the video editing, but it is surprisingly simple. I have to say Magisto, which is free, has seemed more user friendly. However, as I become more familiar with iMovie it seems like there is more control over the detailed editing. I think I feel a new obsession mounting – this could be a video filled summer. But hey, at least I will remember it.

If you don’t have a way to record and edit a video, you could always capture some pictures to set to music as well. Wouldn’t it be fun to do this at least once a year and watch how your kiddos grow and change?

Get those creative wheels turning and have a lovely Father’s Day weekend with your family.



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