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7 steps to feeling and looking better all summer - printing and putting on the fridge!

Swimsuit Protocol: Get Ready for Summer STAT

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  As a late treat for all the moms out there, I’ve asked my girls Katie and Megan from Prescribe Nutrition to once again stop by.  Today they’ll be sharing their top secret “Swimsuit Protocol” – guaranteed to have us all feeling a little better this summer.

And if you want to take it a step further, they’re once again graciously offering MPMK readers 20% off their online clean eating class “New Rules: Nutrition for Real Life“.  Just use the code MPMK20 and get prepped to enjoy the sun!

Spring… and after spring comes summer.  How’re you feeling about it?  Ready to take on long days of playing and running around? Excited to have the kiddos home all day? Eager for outdoor BBQ’s and parties?

Summer means one big thing: it’s layer shedding time and a little something we call swimsuit season.  Oh yeah. Depending on where you are, this season shift is quite dramatic – here in Minnesota, it’s a BIG time shift.  Old man winter thought it would be best (or a really bad joke) to stick around well into the first week of May (yup, we had snow), and you could find us sporting Uggs and sweaters until about eight days ago.

Then it was 75.  Just like that.  Layers gone and pool covers came off.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to not dread the upcoming pool party at your sisters house, or a birthday party at the beach?  Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to be excited to show a little skin?  Heck yes.

At Prescribe Nutrition we aren’t big into starting at the scale, but we are big into feeding our bodies what they were meant to have, and when all systems start communicating effectively, then WHAM, you see results.  It really does just happen.

So all of this sounds pretty good, right?  Or are you thinking, ”Alright Katie & Megan, that’s all fine and dandy, but I’m in a bathing suit NEXT WEEK and I need tips, stat. Time is of the essence.” Fair enough, we know that story.


Here are our go-to steps to getting summer ready FAST. Eat a diet alive with nutrients and follow the rules below – you’ll be feeling better than you have in ages.

(If you want to take this protocol even further, use the code MPMK20 for 20% off Prescribe Nutrition’s New Rules: Nutrition for Real Life, which starts May 20th) Now, onto the plan…

  • Bathing suit’s ultimate nemesis? Sugar. All forms. Remember, it doesn’t have to be sweet to break down in your body like sugar: bread, bagels, pretzels (yep, even fat-free), pasta, chips, etc. They’re in the same boat as the sweet stuff. That hot dog bun and even lemonade are getting metabolized very similar to a bowl of table sugar.
  • Take your weight, divide by 2, and drink that amount (in ounces) of water every day – this will flush out toxins, old hormones and other yuck that can keep weight on.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t squeeze in a hour of cardio every day. Strength, weight and resistance training will pack the most bang for your buck when it comes to workouts. That lean muscle will burn calories and trim you down, plus firm you up, quick!
  • Make breakfast your biggest meal of the day, while keeping dinner light and simple, think fish and veggies. Starches and big meals late at night ten to lead to big time belly bloat.
  • A real powerhouse of kissing bloat goodbye? Ditch the alcohol 100%. Even if you only have a few glasses a week, say goodbye and see the results within a few weeks.
  • Finally, let’s talk fiber. Fiber is your friend. Why? It will keep you regular, and staying regular will make you feel quite a bit nicer in that bathing suit. One of our favorite sources? Chia seeds (We’ll be sharing our favorite recipe back here on Friday.)

Once we break it down, it makes great sense.  The less “alive” your meals and snacks are, the less “alive” you (and your family) will likely feel.  So then what’s the key here?  Fueling up with the real deal – whole foods.

Then here comes the kicker, when you’re eating foods that are alive, that make your body feel alive… guess what happens?  You get results.

After 10-days of real foods I feel like a new person.  Yes, I still have  pounds that I’d love to lose but I feel light.  Skin is clear, eyes are alive and even though I’m still working on the weight, I FEEL better. I can’t believe the compliments I’m getting (I think its my mood too:)

– Carrie, New Rules April.

What’s more, is that a whole foods based diet works to calm inflammation, ease allergic responses in the body, and to create more internal harmony.  One of our last round program participants went migraine free (18-days and counting) simply after shifting her diet and learning about the importance of nutrition’s role in chronic conditions.

Now if that doesn’t spell – take me to the beach – what does?  Feeling good means so many things for so many people.  Yes, weight is the obvious one, but what about clear skin, less headaches, improved allergies, better sleep (which almost always equals more energy), oh and… maybe increased libido (wink.)  All that = a better you.

I did not even realize how certain foods used to not sit well with me until I started this program and began to feel so much better and healthier. I am set up now to not only feel better, but to have more energy each day. Katie and Megan gave me the tools and inspiration to transform the way I eat and think about food.”


If you’re interested in implementing those steps, and even taking it a step further by doing a total pre-summer overhaul, we’re here to help. New Year New Rules kicked us off in January so we ran it again, and again and yet again. Because it’s making so many individuals feel like a million bucks, we are keeping it around. New Year New Rules is now Prescribe Nutrition’s New Rules: Nutrition for Real Life and it’s all about you.

What’s included? A giant recipe packet (including done for you recipes and a protocol to follow), videos, resources, handouts AND the best part – a message board for the duration of the program that’s quite literally having nutritionist on call to answer your questions. 

It’s also a place for you to meet a ton of great individuals who are motivated, supportive and want the same dang thing – to feel better, have more energy AND look good while doing it.  Ready to rock the beach or pool this summer?  Let’s do it together. {There might even be a bonus exercise section. Ok, there is.}

Click here to sign up now for New Rules: Nutrition for Real Life and Don’t forget to use the code MPMK20 for 20% off.  But hurry, the program starts May 20th!

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