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Yogic Sleep - 1 hour is as restorative as 3 hours of sleep.  The perfect thing for over-worked moms!

Free Resources to Try “Yogic Sleep”

Have you guys heard of “yogic sleep”?  It’s a practice that can help with stress, insomnia, anxiety, and more.  I’m so excited to try it, wanna do it with me?  Here’s Anna with the details…

One of the most challenging aspects of motherhood for me has been finding ways to quiet my mind. I hate to admit this, but even on my yoga mat or during mass it’s difficult to quiet the chatter of to-do lists that run through my mind like a news ticker with neon lights.

In a more literal sense, there is the chatter of texts, calls and emails often kept so close that we know the second we receive them. Unplugging can seem virtually impossible – and even when we are able to unplug, how can we quiet our minds?

Just over a year ago I was introduced to a yoga practice that’s purpose is to create a deep inner peace and calm. It’s called yoga nidra, which is known as “yogic sleep.” This yoga can be practiced by almost everyone. While it’s not for toddlers or young children, it is great for preteens and teens – especially with all of the stress and anxiety we are seeing in these age groups.


Yoga nidra is great for anyone who:

  • struggles with anxiety
  • has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • doesn’t get the recommended 7-9 hours of nightly sleep
  • lives a high stress lifestyle
  • is seeking greater inner peace and calm

This practice can be done anywhere you can lie down on your back. If it’s early morning or after 9 PM I practice in bed, during the day (while my girls nap) I will get comfortable on the couch or living room floor. I put my iPhone on “Do not disturb” and either pop in head phones or if no one is around I will set my phone on speakers.

Here are two FREE  yoga nidra classes that you can download and listen to over, and over and over again. And believe me, you’ll want to. After my husband saw some noticable differences in my stress and anxiety levels, he began practicing, too. As a stressed out medical student, he probably needed it even more than me. He absolutely loves it as well.

We both find after practicing that we can think more clearly, feel better rested and can manage our busy schedules with more ease. It has also greatly helped us in the sleep department. If we know we are in for a restless nights sleep, we will play it to help us drift off more quickly.

The work is done for you. Your job is to lay comfortably on your back, close your eyes, and listen to a beautiful and relaxing guided meditation. It is deeply restorative, in fact one hour of yoga nidra is as restorative as three hours of sleep. Really, need I say more?

I will leave you with a simple, but impactful quote from the practice. “Fill your time with things that make you feel alive.



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Anna is a joyful wife and mom to two sweet girls. Nutrition became one of her passions when her first daughter was born prematurely and showed early signs of food allergies. She is now happily learning all about health and wellness as part of the Prescribe Nutrition team. (Use code: MPMK20 to try one of their courses at 20% off.) When not working, she can be found practicing yoga at Yellow Barn Wellness.