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Make a healthy grains gift pack for Mother's Day (or just for yourself)!

DIY: Clean Eating Gift Pack in a Pretty Package

Martha Stewart Crafts recently offered to send over some supplies in exchange for a creative Mother’s Day DIY.  I happily agreed because I’m totally smitten with Martha’s craft line – something about the lovely looking tools just makes “making” a little more fun.  Want to see what I came up with?

Pretty DIY for whole grain containers

If you’ve been paying attention around here then it will come as no surprise that I continued on with my “help Mom help herself” theme.  So far this year I’ve made a cheerful Water Serving Set and an extra special Gratitude Journal (both of which, coincidentally, were also made with the Martha Stewart stencils and paints).

So what’s left?  How about a clean eating starter kit complete with recipes and some pretty containers?

Step 1 was to hit up a local import store, where I purchased the glass canisters pictured above. (They were nice on there own but needed a bit of a modern touch.)

Once I had my containers, all I needed were a few rubberbands, my Martha Stewart glass etching paint and some rubber gloves (not shown – old, grubby, and totally not camera worthy).

make a pretty clean eating starter kit

Can you tell what the rubberbands are for?  Slide them around the canister to make a smooth, curvy line.


Prep your canisters by cleaning them with alcohol and/or soap and water.  Then dawn your gloves and lather on a thick layer of the etching cream on all parts of the canisters that are below the rubber band.

The instructions say to leave the cream on for at least 15 minutes – I left mine on for closer to 45 minutes since I wanted a more opaque and uniform look.  Once time is up, rinse with warm water and…


 Wah-laa!  Can you see the frosted glass effect?


How about now?


Just for fun, I decided to try an additional technique on one of the canisters.  After rinsing away the etching cream, I left the rubberband in place and used on of Martha’s large sponges to blot some light blue multi-surface paint over the etched glass.

DIY pretty grain container

I love the matte finish the layering created.  (P.S. Inside the jar, the paint looked glossy and beautiful. I’m filing away the idea of painting the inside of a glass jar for a future vase project.)


The final step is to find attractive packaging for your jars and add in some useful stuff.  I scanned my “Clean Eating Recipes” pinterest board and ended up going with this Thai Quinoa Bowl recipe as well as our 5 Ways to Make Steel Cut Oats.  I also added in this handy chart of Grain to Water Ratios.

DIY containers for healthy whole grains

My hope is that this easy gift idea will help lots of moms down the path of eating, and feeling, better. No one can resist a pretty package right?

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Plaid and The Blueprint Social. All opinions and love of Martha Stewart Crafts are my own.



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