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"Get Balanced" nutrition program: no more feeling wired but tired

MPMK Continuing Ed Course #3 – Get Balanced

Stop me if any of this sounds like you:

  • You have the ability to feel tired yet wired at the same time.
  • You hit the snooze button 6 times on your alarm.
  • You have a ‘no speaking to me’ rule before your morning caffeine.
  • You are eating well, exercising, and the scale will. not. budge.
  • 4pm strikes and you need sugar. And there is no stopping you.
  • 10pm strikes and you feel inexplicably motivated.
  • 2am strikes and you are wide eyed, yet exhausted.

This is a list shared with me by the ladies over at Prescribe Nutrition and it totally blew me away. This is absolutely, 100%, me.  It was actually kind of a relief to see it all written down because that must mean I’m not alone – right?  I’ve always sort of thought I was.

Friends would tell me they went to bed at 9PM the night before and I’d be secretly jealous – how did they manage that?  My body is always so wide awake just when my brain is telling me it’s only a few short hours before the kiddos will be up and at ’em again.  So I stay up and fold laundry or figure out summer swim classes, or blog… and the next morning I’m miserable.

Along with being exhausted, I’m a grump, and I vow that tonight it will be different.  Tonight I will get to bed at a decent hour!  And sometimes I actually do follow through on it.  I actually do drag myself to bed, and what happens?  I toss and turn for hours desperately trying to fall asleep.  It’s SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!

And until I saw this list, I didn’t realize it was something I could actually fix. (I always just figured it was the curse of being “a night person” and having to live in this world where pesky things like jobs and kids don’t allow you to stay up ’till 2AM and sleep in ’till 10AM.)

Which is why, dear friends, I was so happy to see the list.  Because it means that my health gurus Katie and Megan over at Prescribe Nutrition have a plan for me, and all you poor souls out there like me.  It starts:

July 14th and they’re calling it: Get Balanced

Get 20% off with the code: MPMK20


Combine with the Kids nutrition session (Kids Rule) and get $100 off with the code: MPMK

Ah, “balance” – doesn’t that just sound lovely?

So how are they going to do it?  With a whole lot of physiological know-how.  That’s what I adore about Prescribe Nutrition – the ladies over there know there stuff cold.  It’s not about fads or diets, it’s about science, whole foods, and truly understanding how your body works.  But Katie and Megan can tell you so much better then I can.  Check out the video to see what they have to say…

So what do you think?  Wanna join me in my “Get Balanced” odyssey?  As always, Katie and Megan have graciously offered up a 20% discount to MPMK readers using the code: MPMK20.  Go here to register and I’ll see you in the chat rooms!

And if you’re one of those lucky soles who’s sleeping soundly come 10PM but are still interested in improving your family’s overall health and having more energy, a new round of Kids Rule starts on August 11th!  

Use code: MPMK20 for 20% off either program or code: MPMK for $100 off of both!

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