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Great ideas for meals kids can really help to make Mom this Mother's Day

Getting Kids in the Kitchen with Dad

Natalie’s with us today sharing her favorite tasty treats that Dad and the kiddos can tackle together for Mother’s Day.  Forward it to your hubby or, better yet, to your best mom friend’s hubby!


How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?  With your mom, with your own nuclear family, or do you split your time?

Mother’s Day is around the corner again, and what a funny little holiday it is. As a mom, I’m used to taking care of holiday preparations and making the days feel extra-special (even for my own birthday). But it seems kind of strange to arrange your own activities on Mother’s Day.

One of the ways I always celebrated my mom as a kid was to make her breakfast, so I thought maybe I would share some ideas for easy recipes that kids can make with a little help from Dad.

My 3-year-old and his dad tested out a recipe on their own to see if this idea was really do-able. They made a Dutch Baby (or German Pancake) and it couldn’t have been simpler. They used a recipe from A Beautiful Mess, but you could use just about any pancake recipe you like. It’s straight-forward and hard to mess up since it’s meant to look rustic.

When it comes to cooking with kids, I like it better than pancakes because it’s less messy than having them pour out batter and try to flip pancakes.


Here are some more recipes that kids can help to prepare.


  • Dutch Baby Pancake. (see above)
  • Eggs. Many young kids are capable of whisking up eggs on their own. If they’re not up to the task of scrambling by themselves, they could try pouring their eggs and some chopped up meat/vegetables into a pie crust for a quiche.
  • Smoothies. This is a really easy one. They can pick whatever ingredients they like and they get to watch it spin around in the blender.
  • Fruit Salad. They can assemble this one on their own. Berries and grapes would be easiest if they aren’t up to chopping yet. Soft fruits like banana are great to start with if you want them to learn to use knives (with supervision).


  • Personal Pizzas. You can help them make the dough and then let them add their own toppings or you can use pre-made pizza crusts or pita bread.
  • Wraps or Roll-Ups. It’s fun to roll things up! Let them choose the filling and roll them up however they like.
  • Green Salad. Many kids are more interested in salad if they assemble it themselves.

Now all you have to do is figure out a way to get these ideas to Dad! Do you have a favorite recipe that is easy for a child to prepare?

Question of the Day

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?  With your mom, with your own nuclear family, or do you split your time?



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