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A healthy fat morning pick-me-up that will have you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

Start Your Day Saying, “Hello, Happy Drink!”

You guys know I’ve been on a clean eating kick as of late.  So far it’s going pretty well – mood and energy are up, exhaustion is down.  And, major bonus, my adult acne (yay, you heard me) which mysteriously appeared about 6 months ago is gone – hallelujah!  It hasn’t been easy, but for the most part I’ve been able to find substitutes for my vices; cucumber slices with laughing cow cheese instead of crackers, stevia instead of sugar, etc.

The one place I’ve struggle though, is with my morning cup of Jo.  Most days I get by drinking iced decaf over milk with a few drops of stevia.  Some days, however, it’s just too cold for iced coffee and then I’m sunk.  Either I cave and go for the creamer or skip the coffee all together – both of which leave me grumpy later in the day.

Which is why, my dear friends, I’m so very excited about this mysterious “Happy Drink” that the lovely Anna from Prescribe Nutrition has brought to my attention.  A clean eating, healthy livin’, rise and shine beverage with Coffee AND chocolatey goodness? I’m in.


How old were you when the coffee demon got ahold of you? (I was a late caffeine bloomer and didn’t get addicted until my babies started keeping me up all hours of the night.)

I am not a morning person, and that’s a very kind way to put it. Recently our three year old, who is by nature a “sleeper”, began waking up at ungodly hours.  So, I resorted to embarrassingly silly bribes to buy myself the time I needed to pry my eyelids open. I like to think that I am not really accountable for my actions if my eyes are closed and there’s fresh drool on my cheek.

Well, I have a pretty good reason to get out of bed earlier these days. Knowing I have a Happy Drink waiting to warm me up and make me feel amazing has me looking forward to my mornings – no joke. Let me back up and explain how I stumbled upon this concoction.

About a year ago I started participating in quarterly cleanses and detoxes – its like spring cleaning for your body, but it happens every three months. Anyhow, I learned really quickly that I needed way more healthy fats in my diet. As I ate ample amounts of healthy fats (which by the way, do not make you fat – quite the opposite actually), I was pleasantly surprised to find that:

  • First, my “baby brain” almost totally disappeared. Yes, my “baby” is two – don’t judge me. Really though, I felt as if the fog finally lifted, and I could focus, and remember things again. I still occasionally drive away with my phone on the roof of my car, but I have been doing that since I was 18, so that’s that.
  • Second, I lost weight. Yup, eating healthy fats actually aid in weight-loss. The word “fat” has such a bad reputation that a lot of us tend to group all fats together, but rest assured, all fats are NOT created equal.
  • Third, my skin improved pretty dramatically. A healthy glow and no need for lotion, need I say more? Okay, fine twist my arm. I think fine lines improved, too.

I could go on and on about the NEED our bodies have for heathy fats, however, I don’t have the space to list it all.  So without further ado, meet my new best friend, the Happy Drink:

A healthy fat morning pick-me-up that will have you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

  • 1 cup of coffee – we drink Newman’s Own Organics K-cups (they have both regular and decaf).
  • Coconut milk – we buy Native Forest Unsweetened Organic (available as a 12 pack or one extra large can), so yummy AND the can is BPA free – a double win. I probably pour in at least 3-4 oz. because, like I said, I want those healthy fats in a MAJOR way.
  • 1 heaping tablespoon or more raw cocao powder (we use Navitas Naturals).

This drink is packed with healthy goodness. Coconut milk’s benefits are many, but most notably it’s:

  • rich in vitamins and minerals
  • an immune system booster
  • magnesium-rich (magnesium is a BIG deal in the mineral world)
  • a metabolism booster
  • a weight-loss aid
  • a digestion aid

Next comes cocao powder, and yes, it’s spelled correctly. Cocao powder is considered to be one of the richest sources of immune-boosting antioxidants found in nature. In addition, the combination of anandamine, theobromine and phenylethylamine found in cocao powder are actually mood boosting.  See… Happy Drink!

Not a coffee drinker? Good for you – don’t start!! This could easily be added to a yummy morning smoothie. Maybe throw in a banana, some spinach and almond butter, too? Sold. Yum.

May all your mornings be happy mornings!

Question of the Day

How old were you when the coffee demon got ahold of you? (I was a late caffeine bloomer and didn’t get addicted until my babies started keeping me up all hours of the night.)

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Anna is a joyful wife and mom to two sweet girls. Nutrition became one of her passions when her first daughter was born prematurely and showed early signs of food allergies. She is now happily learning all about health and wellness as part of the Prescribe Nutrition team. (Use code: MPMK20 to try one of their courses at 20% off.) When not working, she can be found practicing yoga at Yellow Barn Wellness.