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Valentine Keepsake: Simple Memory Garland

Last Friday I sent out a quick social media poll on how I should celebrate V-Day with my littles. The winning pick leads me to believe you all appreciate a good, simple project over fancy bells and whistles (my peeps)… With that in mind, I think you’re all going to want to jump right into Alli’s Valentine’s Day project with your own kiddos – like, immediately.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are anything like me, this is one of those holidays that tends to play second fiddle. As much as I love Valentine’s Day, I don’t go nearly as decoration crazy as I do for Christmas, Easter, or even Halloween (my personal favorite). So I was determined to make this year different. We decided to make a new Valentine’s decoration every year, to add to our collection. And what better way to start than a keepsake garland?

I had this idea while working on our Christmas card this year. While brainstorming everything my two-year-old loves, I realized those little memories would make the perfect Valentine’s Day memento.

The best part about this project? It’s simple. Little hands can do this entirely on their own or, if they need it, with a little scissor help from Mommy.



All you will need is your paper of choice, scissors, any kind of twine (I chose baker’s twine, because really, you can use this stuff for ANYTHING), and mini-clothespins.

The first step is to cut out one heart shape for each child. Isaiah is the only one if our house so far, so we just started with one. However, I chose to cut several hearts of the same paper for us to use throughout the years. I had a vision for a look of uniformity, but feel free to use different paper every year and mix it up however you like.

As soon as the hearts are cut, it’s time for your little one to get creative. Now, this is where the crafter in me cringed a little bit. I could think of a million ways to make this year’s heart look “pretty”: scalloped edges, a chalkboard look, pretty fonts. But this is about Isaiah, not me. It’s HIS heart, so I let him decorate it how HE wanted.


Then after a few crayon scribbles… (Me: Are you sure you’re done, Isaiah? Isaiah: yesh, Mommy. I dunn.) …it was time for me to add the details. We added his name, the year, and a few things that he loves. And next year, we will add a new one.


Then all that is left is to string your twine, and clothespin your hearts.


My heart just melts at the idea of Isaiah creating his own heart every year. It’s hard for me to believe that someday he’ll be writing his own, choosing his own paper, and even arguing with me about not wanting to make one. (Me: I know you’re 18, but do this for Mommy. Please?)

Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. But I can’t wait to see a garland full of hearts one day, that I can put up for Valentine’s Days long after my babies are gone to college.

Because isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Cherishing those we love, whether they are with us or not.

Wishing you and yours a LOVELY Valentine’s Day…

Question of the Day

In this digital age, what method do you use to document life? Do you go high tech or keep it old school via traditional scrapbooks and journals?



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