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MPMK Continuing Ed: Course #1 – New Year New Rules: Nutrition for Real Life


I’m rolling out something big today, so consider yourselves warned. Introducing – drum roll please – MPMK Continuing Ed.

What the hell is that – you ask.  It’s a brand new, carefully curated collection of high quality online courses which we believe will be useful to modern parents everywhere.  You see, I’ve recently realized that whenever I have a problem, want to obtain a new skill, etc. – I usually turn to the web, with mixed results.

There are a bevy of online courses out there these days on just about any topic you can dream up. Some good, some not so much, and a few that have the potential to be truly life changing.  The challenge is finding the needles in the proverbial haystack.  Which is where we come in.

We’re making it our mission this year to find the creme de la creme on all sorts of topics: nutrition, parenting, design, finances, photography and maybe more.  These are courses we’ve tried, we’ve loved, and we think you will too!

But don’t worry – we’re not going to inundate you with course offerings.  Instead, every 2 – 4 weeks or so we’ll update our course listings (and you’ll always be able to find our featured class in our right sidebar – often accompanied by an exclusive MPMK discount code).

We’ll also be introducing an MPMK Continuing Ed Course Catalogue that you can peruse whenever you like. (Kind of like in college when you got to pick your classes for the following semester.  Did you guys geek out over that too – or was it just me? Regardless, the good news is there will be no 8am classes!)

Are you as excited to get started as I am?  Good!  Today we’re kicking off the whole program with our fist offering – New Year New Rules: nutrition for the real world.  You may remember that I had a chance to participate in this program about a month ago and the lovely ladies behind it stopped by MPMK to share some ideas on snacking for energy. Remember?  They were the ones that gave us that kick-ass granola bar recipe everyone was raving about?  Yeah – them.

I’m going to tell you lots more about their program (which, full disclosure, I’m an eager affiliate for) and my experience with it.  But for those that saw “nutrition” and immediately thought “sign me up!”, let me throw out the registration link now.

Go here and be sure to enter the code MPMK20 for your 20% discount!

Everyone else, read on for the details…

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This is the big question right? So let’s start here… The answer that I learned during my time with the course is because EVERYTHING leads back to nutrition.  Katie and Megan have a vast amount of knowledge on the subjects of digestions and nutrition and how they can affect everything from energy levels and mood to weight loss resistance and acne.

Personally, I felt like a whole new woman after my 15 days were up.

After having S I struggled with exhaustion, head aches, and mood swings.  At first I tried to figure it out on my own, then I sought help through my general physician, OBGYN, and even a naturopath. But I never found the solid answers I was looking for.  Of course, I assumed that at least some of it had to be due to diet.  But until completing this program I had no idea how much.

And here’s the part where I “keep it real”.  It wasn’t a cake walk (either literally or figuratively).  It was hard – especially the first week when my body was craving all the processed foods and sugar I usually fed it. But I did it – what’s more I got my husband to do it too and we both felt SO MUCH better at the end of two weeks.

When telling people about it I would say that I didn’t necessarily feel like I was ready to run a marathon but I did generally feel happier and less tired.  I also realized once I began the program that previously I’d been experiencing chronic stomach pains and bloating at night.  They’d become so commonplace that I didn’t even notice them, or think about doing anything to avoid them.  Then I started my 15 days, those symptoms disappeared, and I felt amazing.

Finally, the most profound outcome of this experiment has been how it’s affected me as a mother. Without the headaches and exhaustion, I’m so much more fun!  And I’m connecting with my kiddos in new ways – which is a huge gift and exactly what I was hoping to gain from the experience.


A 15 day nutritional program put together by two top-notch functional nutritionists (Katie and Megan) and designed to start you down the path of feeling like a brand new you.  In Katie and Megan’s words:

Why? Because life is busy, stress exists and healthy eating is challenging. Maybe you’ve tried a million diets. Maybe you can’t shake constant bloat or fatigue. Perhaps you’re dealing with some more deep-rooted concerns and don’t know where to begin. Yeah, been there.

Well, don’t worry. You found the spot. We work with people with concerns from weight loss to chronic health conditions. Guess what we realized? Across the board, no matter what, this protocol is where we start. 15 days to a cleaner life. And lucky you…we decided everyone should be in on this. Time to invest in yourself. Time to show 2013 who’s boss.

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 6.09.18 PM

24/7 access to Katie & Megan – Ask anything you want, at any time via our members only message board! Like a personal nutritionist pager.

  • 5 step video series walking you through each step
  • Exclusive recipe package & protocol – kid friendly recipes included
  • Cheat sheets for each step
  • Unending support and guidance


February 18th – March 4th

Something I really appreciated about the program is there are no specific time-of-day requirements. You’re free to watch the videos and read the materials when you have the time.  Then check in with the group to have questions answered and get support.

Ok, I’m starting to feel a little Tony Robbins here so I’m gonna wrap it up.  But if you still have questions, the lovely ladies behing New Years New Rules have put together this  Question & Answer  Mp3.

Give it a listen and then head over and sign up using your 20% discount code: MPMK20!

Question of the day: 

According to the old adage, you are what you eat.  With that in mind – you are______? (I used to be chocolate by now I’m green smoothie!)



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