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Friday Share: Toydozer Giveaway

I’ve now been back for nearly a week from the mega-blogging conference, Alt, and guess what – I’m brimming with new ideas and goals for MPMK.  All of which I want to institute, like, yesterday!

This week I’ve been starting with goal #1: Increase the Conversation.

I know, I know – we all love our social media these days and we’re so busy chatting it up on Instagram and the like that no one has time to actually comment on a blog anymore.  Nevertheless – I’ve realized that compared to all of MPMK’s lovely social channels, the site itself is a little void of chit chat.

To get the conversation rolling, you’ll notice a few new features:

  • A “Question of the Day” at the end of each post – yes, like any icebreaker you’ve ever had to endure, this has the potential to be a little hokey.  But I really do think it’ll be a good way for us to get to know each other better.  And here’s the big upside – the better I know you the better I can tailor the site just for you.  So, please, come discuss with me! Also, keep your eye out for some quick visual surveys using a really fun new app I’ve just become privy to.
  • A new hashtag: #MPMK – you can use this on any social media channel you please but I’ll especially by looking out for it on Instagram and Twitter.  Doing something messy with the kids or got a tip us modern parents would love?  Post it, hash tag it, and spread the love.  You never know, I might just end up sharing it here to promote the conversation.
  • Friday Share – Think of this as a coffee date between us girls (and guys if you’re out there – although you may not be so into the occasional hair and makeup tips).  Every Friday I’ll be sharing something fun: a product I’m currently loving, a tip that’s working great for me, or a giveaway for you.  I’ll also be sharing my favorite comment on the blog from the week. (Nothing like seeing your name big and bold right?  I’m totally not above bribery if that’s what it takes to get you guys to open up to me.) Finally, because I just don’t have the time for the Weekend Look Book anymore, I’ll also include some quality stuff others have been sharing around the web (the rest of the good stuff will go into MPMK’s newsletter).

So here we go with our first Friday Share:


We’re running our first ever giveaway on Facebook (yipee).  

Head over to MPMK’s facebook page for the chance to win one of five Toydozers.  

What’s a Toydozer you ask?  It’s kind of like an oversized dust pan that’s made to look like the blade of a bulldozer.  

Toydozer was kind enough to send one to both S and C and thank goodness they sent two because my  “mighty machine” crazed kids love these things so much I’m sure only having one would actually cause a fight over who got to pick up!  If you have kiddos that like to leave LEGOS, toy cars, etc. strewn about the house, I would highly suggest entering the giveaway or using the code MPMK for 10% off.


I have been such a lifelong bibliophile that I could totally relate to Julia’s comment on our LOVE-ly Valentine Reads for Kids post.


‘Tis the season of the cold… I got sick pretty much immediately upon arriving home from Utah.  So I couldn’t help smiling when I came across Stephmodo’s Get Well Quick Kit.  Wouldn’t this just make your day to receive?

Ok, here come’s the question of the day – ready to jump in?

Question of the day: 

Since we’re talking about clean up time today – What are your best tricks for getting the littles to pick up?  A special song? Ransom box? Threats? Bribery? Given up all together and just pick it up yourself every night after they go to bed?  Let us know in the comments below.



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