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DIY: Photo Valentine Favors

It’s that time of year again – time for the kiddos to get creative and show some love to their classmates… and possible neighborhood buddies, family members, etc.  Kristin’s here today sharing her template for personalized favors – a simple trick for producing something fancy with minimal effort.

We’re also debuting something new this week – questions of the day.  Today we want to know: do your kiddos share Valentines with family or just classmates?  Share your tradition in our comments section.

Every year I like to help the kids make creative valentine’s for our friends and family. And, since I’m a photographer, I usually incorporate their photo into the valentine. One of my favorite projects was this super-easy-to-make bag of candy with a photo topper.

The next year I varied things a little with pixie sticks, but this year I wanted to come back to the candy bag. I love that you can put anything into the bag. If you want to get fancy, you can make marshmallows and roll them in colored sugar. But store-bought candy also does the trick.

The goodie bags I used are purchased from Target. They are 5″ wide, so I used a 4×5 size print to make the top. (If you don’t want to print this irregular size, print it as a 4×6 and cut off the extra inch.)

Start by cutting off the top of the goodie bags. They are pretty long, so cut them depending on what you’ll put inside.


You can design your own photo topper if you’re a photoshop whiz, or you can download any one of my free templates by clicking on my Facebook page. Insert your own child’s photo into the template, customize the message and make your prints. (You will need to have photoshop to use this template, but you don’t need to be a pro – it’s simple.)

Fold the print in half, so the finished size will be 2″ by 5″. Use a stapler to attach the photo to the bag on both sides.


This is such an easy project that the kids can help with. My kids loved bringing their custom valentines to school and you know grandparents go crazy over this stuff too!

Question of the day: 

Do your kids share Valentines with family and extended family – or just classmates? How about playmates or neighbors?




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