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The good news is we’ve made it through Thanksgiving (deep exhale).  Now is sort of what I think of as the calm before the storm.  It’s also the time of year that I really start craving order and organization.  This year is so much better than years past though, thanks in large part to all the gains we’ve made together through Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life.

Being on top of decluttering, cleaning, and meal planning has left me more time to plan for Christmas and more space to store my purchases.  Would you believe I’m already done shopping for the kids?! AND my Christmas decorations are already up – you realize it’s not even December yet, right?

I actually do have a point here.  Here it is.  The New Year is the perfect time to jump on the Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life bandwagon and the upcoming Quick Start Guide is a great way to do so.

Above is a funny little video introducing the eBook that I’m absurdly proud of. Check it out, share it, what have you.

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P.S. Looking for more ways to simplify and save time so you can connect with your family this year?

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