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Scary Spider Webs & A Wonderful Fall Activity Book

Ah, fall – I adore this time of year, especially now that I have kids.  There’s so much potential for fun: fun crafts, fun outings, fun food – fun, fun, fun! The only thing I don’t love about the season is the slightly panicked feeling I get about getting myself organized enough to cram it all in.

That’s why I’m so excited my friend, and kid art aficionado, Jean wrote The Artful Year: Autumn.  It’s loaded with just the kind of activities and recipes I want to share with the kids this year, which makes planning it all so much easier –                                                                                         THANK YOU JEAN!

Today she’s sharing one of my favorite tutorials from the book as well as a 20% discount code.

So check out the project below and then be sure to grab your copy of The Artful Year: Autumn using the code MPMK20 for 20% off.

Yarn Spiderwebs

By Jean Van’t Hul from The Artful Year: Autumn


  • White yarn
  • White glue, such as Elmer’s
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Medium bowl
  • Water




1. Cut white yarn into lengths of 1-2 feet, depending on the desired diameter of the finished spiderweb.

2. Pour the glue into a medium bowl. Thin it with water (about 3 parts glue to 1 part water).

3. Cover your work surface with wax paper. Dip the yarn in the glue and then spread out on the wax paper. Continue with several more lengths of yarn, crossing them over the first at the center like spokes in a wheel, to create the base of the spiderweb.

4. Once the base is complete, connect the radiating yarn pieces with additional lengths of glue-soaked yarn spiraling around and around to create a spider web design. You can also curve the yarn in between each spoke for the spiderweb effect shown in #5.

5. Let dry (this may take a couple of days) then turn over and pull off the wax paper. You’ll have a yarn spiderweb that holds its shape.

6. Hang the spiderweb in a doorway, window, or on the wall. Alternately, you can use it as the base of a table centerpiece.

Jean Van’t Hul lives with her husband and two daughters in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. She loves homemade cherry-almond scones, is a dedicated springtime gardener (but a lazy summer one), and reads way too many books.  She’s passionate about children’s art and creativity and wants you to be passionate about them, too. On her blog, The Artful Parent, she shares ideas, information, and inspiration to encourage you to enjoy and share art with the kids in your life (whether in your home or your classroom).

Buy her new book, The Artful Year: Autumn and use the code MPMK20 for 20% off!


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