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a simple DIY for keeping hair accessories organized

POYEL: Untangling Your Little One’s Hair Accessories

I’m not embarrassed, actually slightly embarrassed, to show you the inside of a messy drawer in my house.  This type-A loves to organize, yet somehow my daughter’s hair accessories have slipped through the cracks.  There’s a lot.  Getting out the door to school in the morning is hard, so having our hair accessories easily accessible is just one more thing that will make my life easier.

Here’s the after picture.  YAY!  But let’s back track and figure out how I got here.  I promise it’s easy. As in, 15 minute project easy.

Start with an oatmeal jar.  I needed two.  That’s A LOT of headbands.  Use a roll of pretty paper like this one from Paper Source and measure top to bottom of your container.  Then cut a strip that will roll around the cylinder.  I attached mine end to end with hot glue, but tape or a glue stick would also work just as well.

I also wanted to cover the lid, but you totally don’t have to because it doesn’t show.  Did I mention I was type-A?  Just trace the lid on a piece of paper and attach the circle to the top.

Here’s your headband holder.

Stretchy headbands and hair clips now live in the tiny plastic containers that I purchased at The Container Store.  Headbands line up nicely and we can see everything.  How do you make your life easier with hair accessories, or do you have a drawer of mess like I did!?

A cute and simple DIY that yields a more organized abode – this one just makes me happy, it’s the kind of thing that would make me smile every time I opened this drawer.  Thanks to Kristin for the reminder that it really only takes a few minutes to add some orderly style to our everyday.

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