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POYEL: Organizing the Garage

Most people associate garage organization with spring cleaning. It’s true that prepping your garage storage for the spring and summer to come is a must, but what about setting it up for success after the summer season has ended?


Sure, the sports equipment may not get the use it did in the warmer months, but a lot of extras are stored in our garage for use throughout the year: oversized cookware for holiday dinners, bulk light bulbs, and even various cards and invitations I use for Christmas.


Having everything easily accessible and labelled is the key to a functional garage. If you can’t find what you need, when you need it, there is absolutely no point in storing it, right? Creating function will save you time and money because you won’t need to replace the things you can’t find.


I’m sure I’m not alone, but I just can’t bring myself to buy attractive storage accessories for the garage. Containers and bins are expensive which is already hard to swallow, but the cost becomes even more difficult to accept when they aren’t even going to end up in a living space inside your home.


I decided there must be a way to spruce up my garage without emptying my wallet, so I headed to the wine store. What does wine have to do with organizing, you may ask? Well, this trip wasn’t about the wine (however, I always recommend a glass of vino with any organizing project!), but about the cases that they come in. Yes, wine boxes are free and plentiful, and perfect for wrangling smaller items in your garage.



At first I toyed with the idea of spray painting them. Then it rained. I did have some contact paper on hand, so decided to give Plan B a whirl.  I laid a large piece of contact paper (purchased at the dollar store for $2) and literally wrapped it around my boxes. Doesn’t get much easier than that!



And, of course, what storage bin is complete without a handy label? If you print these, I guarantee your free/cheap storage boxes will look like a million bucks. Ok, scratch that, I don’t like to over-promise.  But they will look a whole lot more polished.


I also had the idea to use spare hardware on the front of the boxes. I wasn’t able to find the few I thought I had hanging around (what? I’m not always organized), and since I wanted this project to be as free as possible, I decided not to buy any. I do think it’s a great idea, however, especially if you have heavier boxes.


The best part of this project is that my husband can never say he doesn’t know where the light bulbs are when one needs to be changed out. Attractive organization and function in one? Win, win, I say!
It’s a good feeling to know you can store things effortlessly and have them on hand when the time comes.


Note: If moisture/airtightness is an issue in your storage space, then just be mindful of what you choose to store in the boxes. Paper bags of bulk flour probably wouldn’t be a great thing to store, but dry goods like light bulbs shouldn’t need any special protection from the elements. And if you really want extra credit, you can always make a lid for your box!


Thanks for the free printables Jen.  We store all of our Christmas decor in old Christmas boxes but that’s about as far as our garage label system goes.  This will be a huge step forward for us.


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Jen puts her passion for organizing to work creating functional household labels for the home she shares with her husband and two mini-dachsunds. You can find her sharing her love of home decor and organizing, as well as designing labels, at The Social Home.