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Midweek Musing: Do Moms Still Mend?

(images via refashion co-op and Freshly Picked)

I mentioned yesterday we recently celebrated C’s 4th birthday.  The day after he opened his gifts, I took advantage of his grandparents still being in town and embarked on an impromptu organization session.  When I started out I intended just to make room for the new toys but, before I knew it, I was on to our closets as well (this is what Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life is doing to me people). By the end of the day I’d sent my hubs off to Goodwill with a truckload of stuff.

Once again I felt great after purging – with one small caveat.  Later that night, still in a purging mood, I was cleaning out some of my blogging files when I came across a couple of cute patching tutorials I had saved.  Seeing these DIY leather patches (SO cute) and monster patches (S and C would love!), I felt a smidge guilty that I’d tossed all their ripped play jeans without even considering repairing them.

So here’s my question – am I missing the boat? Do moms still do that?  Are you all out there mending and patching up a storm or is it just not worth it at the rate kids grow? (I have a sneaky suspicion my much more sewing-adept friend Stacy is shaking her head at me right now – Yes, Stephanie… it’s not that hard!)

I’m undecided but I’m happy in the knowledge that these tutorials are stowed away on my “Good Ideas” pinterest board just in case the mood to mend ever strikes.

P.S. For more inspiring ideas, check out The Mother Huddle’s round up of Fun Ways to Patch Pants.



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