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Finding My Style on Pinterest

I’m debuting a big idea soon (very soon) and am currently hard at work on it. Also, we’re currently tinkering with the feed a bit, mainly trying to get the top feature image here to show up there. While I work on all that, I wanted to share with you something else I’ve been working on – finding my style on Pinterest.

Inspired by all the great remixable wardrobe info. Audrey shared here and here, I’m finally starting to pull myself together.  So far I’ve accumulated some colored pants, a few pendant necklaces, and even two new scarves – I’m telling you, this is no joke.  To help in my ever-evolving fashion journey I’ve recently started four new Pinterest boards and I thought I’d share them today.

Without futher ado, here they are…

Hair Happiness

Braids, braids everywhere! As a mom on the go I’m all about super quick ways to up my do’s style factor.

Not Diaper Bags

Along with doing more than a ponytail everyday, another thing I need to change is my bag.  With a 3 year old and not-yet potty trained 2 year old, I still need a tote with lots of pocket power but I’m just so over the traditional diaper bag.

Fall Fashion

This is the board with the actual clothes! And accessories… and, OK, right now it’s kind of being overtaken by potential Christmas party frocks.

Beyond Friendship Bracelets

Because not all fabulous accessories have to be bought.

As I said, these boards are just beginning – come follow along now to watch them grow.



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