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DIY Outdoor Halloween Garland

My kids love having Holiday decorations outside our home. I love having homemade decorations. Unfortunately homemade + outdoors don’t always mix well.

A couple of years ago we started making these cute duct tape garlands and I’m happy to report that 2 years later our banners are still looking great. They are easy to make and look so festive no matter what the occasion.

All you need is duct tape in your choice of colors/patterns, nylon string, and scissors. I recommend measuring your string beforehand if you know where you want it to hang so you don’t make it too long or too short.

To start figure out your pattern, pull out a strip of duct tape and lay your string 1/2 way down the strip you have pulled out.


You’ll want to lift up the tape at the bottom and secure it to the top. The best way is to start at the point closest to the string but my boys are sometimes in such a hurry they forgot this step. I don’t mind an imperfect banner though.


I like to cut just below where the sticky tape starts again to keep your scissors from touching the sticky part as much as possible.


You can leave these strips rectangular or cut them into triangles, rounded edges, or little notches like we did.


Once you’ve finished your length of string you can hang up outside! With the nylon string and duct tape it’s pretty weatherproof – ours has lasted through a few storms so far. I love the festive, homemade look it gives and the boys take pride in their creation each year we get it out.


To store just wrap it around some cardboard or any decoration you’re storing it with to keep it from bending or tangling. You can do this for any holiday or birthday. So fun and easy.


Thanks so much to Allison for sharing such a simple project.  Being a Seattleite, I especially appreciate the durability of this one – has me itching to spruce up our entryway.


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