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Two Magic Words: “Lets Talk”

No really – talking is just about the best way to give a girl in your life a sense of self-worth.  In fact, “Let’s Talk” is the theme of this year’s Dove Self-Esteem Weekend, because you can help a girl develop a positive relationship with beauty by simply having a conversation.  According to Dove, six out of ten girls will eventually stop doing things they love (gymnastics, swimming, etc.) because they don’t feel good about they way the look!

Watching this short video makes me so frustrated.  That statistic is awful – we mama bears need to rise up and do something about it!

“Let’s Talk” is a simple idea made even easier by the arsenal of fabulous resources Dove’s made available.  Here are two of my favorite ideas:

  • Visit Dove’s facebook page to access free tools and resources to motivate and inspire a girl in your life, including the “Let’s Talk” toolkit.  It will teach you how to talk to a girl in your life about self-esteem and how to overcome conversation obstacles. You can also search through real-life scenarios of when you could have a talk with a girl in your life.
  • Send a “Let’s Talk” post card to a girl in your life to share with her how you overcame beauty anxiety to reach your full potential.

Here’s the thing, I know that sometimes I see events like this put on by big corporations and have a tendency to tune them out – like I might a commercial.  But I really hope you take minute to look over theses ideas and find something that feels right for you and your daughter/niece/God daughter, etc.  The info. here is some really useful stuff on the oh-so-important topic of raising empowered girls.

I promise you, taking a break in your busy life to read the info. and share in the Self-Esteem Weekend with a girl in your life will impact her!

photo via Matt Blasi Design & Photography

And here’s something she’ll think is extra cool. To kick-off the Weekend, on October 5th. Dove is hosting a self-esteem building rally and then will “Walk the Talk” with mentors and girls from their partner organizations (Girls, Inc., Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A), by marching in silence to the heart of Times Square.

They’re marching in silence to represent all the conversations about beauty anxiety that haven’t taken place. You can stay tuned to the walk by following the conversation on Oct 5 via Twitter by following @Dove and the hashtag #DoveInspired.

So what do you guys think?  Will you take the time to figure out a way to participate?  Anyone lucky enough to be in New York when all of this is going down?

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