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Easy Entertaining Idea: Pretty Fridge Storage

Summer is coming to a close but, for many, entertaining season lasts far beyond backyard barbecues and patio margaritas. While we don’t host dinner parties regularly, my husband and I do like to invite friends and coworkers over for a casual drink and some snacks on a whim.

When we host an impromptu get together, I find myself buzzing around the kitchen trying to make the hodgepodge of items in our fridge into something presentable. This usually means taking out my dips du jour from the fridge and emptying them from their store bought containers (or Tupperware if it’s a dip I’ve made) into a pretty bowl. It’s time consuming, and often wasteful (even though I make sure to put a spoon in the dips, I still feel uneasy about putting dip from a bowl back into the container and so the remainders usually get tossed.)


Then it dawned on me… why not store my go-to dips and condiments in attractive containers? Not only will it tame the visual clutter going on in the fridge, but the storage will serve double duty as serving ware. I can pop them out at a moment’s notice, screw off the lid, and my hostess work is almost complete.


After a successful trip to the dollar store, I settled on 11-ounce glass containers for a mere $1.50 each. They are the perfect portion for a week or two’s use for us. The extra dip that doesn’t fit in the containers can be stored in the back of the fridge (or the secondary fridge) until the jars need a refill.


I will find any excuse to label, so I took this opportunity to customize some labels for my new fridge containers. It certainly helps at get togethers to have everything pre-labeled for easy identification on the snack table.


To make the labels fridge-friendly, I tested a fancy new laminating product, known to many as “packing tape”. I printed the labels on 80 pound card stock, cut out the shape, laid the label on a strip of packing tape which I folded over, then cut around the edges again. Brilliantly simple and works like a charm!


Make sure your containers are empty and room temperature before using a glue runner adhesive to attach the labels, as condensation from being in the fridge prior will make it difficult to adhere. Another option is to wrap the packing tape around the entire container covering the label (I promise, you can’t see the tape!).



To put the size of container in perspective, here are the new containers beside a store bought salsa container (which by the way, could totally be labeled over to make it pretty!). I am so pleased with how they turned out, and love that I’ve saved myself a bit of hassel the next time a friend pops over!

If you’d like to label your fridge containers, you can download free printable labels here.


Isn’t this a fun little project?  The clutter in my fridge is always bordering on out-of-control but I’m just never going to be one of those people that has everything immaculately organized in there. This idea of just pretty-ing up the stuff you bring out for company is so smart.


Thanks to Jen, our newest contributor, for coming up with it.  She’ll be stopping in time to time with more clever ideas for making life a little simpler (and prettier) – we’re so glad to have her as part of the team.  To read about the rest of our crew, check out our about page here.


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Jen puts her passion for organizing to work creating functional household labels for the home she shares with her husband and two mini-dachsunds. You can find her sharing her love of home decor and organizing, as well as designing labels, at The Social Home.