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Protecting Girls from Digital Drama

The unofficial end of summer is this weekend (boo!).  So now is a great time to tell you about a wonderful tool Dove developed to help prep your daughter for the cyber-bulling that sometime comes with back-to-school territory.

To refresh your memory, I’m once again partnering with Dove this year to support and promote their Real Beauty campaign.  I really believe in the work that Dove is doing to help build healthy self-images in our girls by making available tools such as this Self-Esteem Toolkit.


I think it’s so smart that they’ve included A Girl’s Guide to the Digital World as part of that toolkit. Like it or not, cyberbullying, de-friending, sexting, and mean tweeting are all things our daughters will potentially face as they grow up. 


To many moms and mentors these terms may seem like a foreign language. To girls, however, these words represent a new concern that they have to deal with daily: digital drama.  Girls’ self-esteem and confidence can be impacted immensely as they navigate social media and contend with these issues. 


As a momma to my very own sweet baby girl, that reality totally freaks me out.  So I’m reading up on this stuff now in order to better prepare myself and my daughter for dealing with it down the road.  In the guide you can find tips to help spark a discussion with a girl in your life about positive and responsible behavior online.  

I’d love to know, have your daughters been affected by digital drama?  What do you think we can do as mothers to promote responsible behavior and protect our girls?



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