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No More Nagging for Something to Drink

Being a parent is a test of efficiency.  It reminds of waiting tables many years ago.  You have a million things to accomplish in about 10 minutes and impatient customers will let you know how you’re measuring up on the job.  Except now days you’re serving kids, and sometimes they can be a teeny bit impatient and you may hear a lot of, “Mom, I’m thirsty”, “Mom, can I have a drink of water?”, “Mooooom!”.


This summer, I tried putting a water jug outside with cups for the kids to help themselves to drinks.  While they’re getting their own drinks, I can be making lunches or picking up the house.  Helllooo, multi-tasker.  



To make things even more fun, I added sliced strawberries and plenty of ice.  We’ve been visiting frozen yogurt shops and tried their fruit infused water.  It works at home too!  


Try it with lemons and limes, cucumber, apples or pretty much any fruit that’s in season.

You guys wondering whose kids those are? No, S and C did not suddenly age about 8 years overnight. Those cuties belong to the lovely Kristin, photographer extraordinaire and MPMK’s newest contributor.  Kristen is coming onboard to share lots of simple ideas like this one for making life a little better. I couldn’t be happier to add her to our team!


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Kristin is a former teacher turned children’s photographer in southern California. Visit her website to read all about her adventures in photography, cooking, and her love of style.

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