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DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)

DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)

Much to me and my husband’s disbelief, our little girl turned two recently.  (Two!  I’m officially no longer a mama with babies at home.)  To celebrate, we followed our new family tradition and had the grandparents come play with C while we took S out on a special outing with mommy and daddy in the morning.  

When S was born, we made a point of all coming home from the hospital as a family – which means that this was quite possibly the very first time S has ever had both parents all to herself (it’s possible it’s happened before but we honestly couldn’t think when).  We had a great time hitting up a local park full of farm animals as well as a children’s museum.


But it was when the whole family reunited a few hours later that the fun really started…


DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)
I’d seen this DIY water blob project all over Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect thing to entertain the kids while the rest of us relaxed in the sunshine.  When I presented my dad with a 10 foot x 25 foot sheet of clear 6 Mil plastic sheeting (found at Lowes) and some duct tape, he appeared more than skeptical that it was all we would need to create the waterbed/trampoline hybrid I was describing.


Nevertheless, he dutifully followed my instructions and we got the sucker made.  It didn’t go exactly as planned but it was still an overwhelming success.  Read on for lots of pics as well as what we learned along the way.



DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)

After folding the sheet in half – we proceeded to duct tape together all three sides, leaving only a small hole for the hose.  This brings us to our first couple of tips:

Tip #1 – Use the widest duct tape you can find.

Tip #2 – Don’t tape the sheeting on grass, it gets stuck to the tape and makes it less effective.  Tape on concrete or decking first, and then move the pad to the grass before filling with a hose.

DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)

Next we slid the hose into our very large pouch and started filling.  We also added a bottle of neon food coloring for a cool water effect.

Tip #3 – Watch the hose!  Much to our party’s amusement, both grandmas accidentally pulled it out while it was filling and proceeded to drench themselves as well as a few innocent onlookers.

DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks to making this awesome project a success!)

At this point our water blob looked almost exactly like all those pretty Pinterest pictures.  However…

DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)

This is what it looked like about 15 minutes later.  What happened?  A few things.  First, we didn’t have nearly enough food coloring so by the time the bag was full it was no longer visible.

Tip #4 – If you want to color the water, be prepared with LOTS of food coloring.

The second problem was our yard wasn’t level so once the thing was about 80% full it completely rolled over onto itself and down our gentle slope.

DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)

Tip #5 – Find level ground.

Even at this new position, the ground wasn’t totally flat.  To prevent all the water from sliding to the bottom (and the whole thing bunching up against the fence) we decided to leave the blob about 80% full.  This actually worked out great and we didn’t even have to seal up our hose hole.

DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)

Since the blog got a lot of grass and debris on it when it rolled over, we threw in the towel on keeping the it cool and dry.  We hosed it off and went for more of a slip-n-slide/water trampoline affect instead.  As you can see, the kids loved it.

DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)Tip # 6 – Add fun stuff inside the blob for visual interest but be sure you have a drainage plan.S has requested a butterfly and ladybug party and we just happened to spy butterfly and ladybug confetti at the party store so we thought it would be fun to have some floating around inside the pad.  The kids loved pressing on the blob and trying to “catch” them but in the end we only used about 10% of the bag.We weren’t sure how we’d drain it without covering the yard in confetti.  And it was a good thing too because all that water ended up in our neighbor’s yard once it was drained.  (See my previous comments about our slope.) 
DIY Water Blob (Tips & Tricks)


Despite these setbacks, the kids still had an excellent time.  I would highly recommend this one to anybody planning an outdoor kiddie party this summer!  It will undoubtedly be the party people are talking about all summer long.




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