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Read Along: Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children – Becoming a Mindful Parent

UPDATE: So glad you guys are excited about this.  We covered the first chapter here.  But it’s not too late to get your copy and join us!

Recently my husband and I had the chance to slip away to Washington DC for a long weekend without the kids. It was part work and part fun and we had a great time.  This is going to sound a bit odd, but one of the things I enjoyed most was the plane ride.

I know, who enjoys a six hour plane ride?  A mom with a good book – that’s who.  And that book was one I’ve been wanting to read for what feels like forever (probably because I knew it would be somewhat life altering if only I could find time to read it): Buddhism for Mother’s of Young Children.  One of you initially recommended it when we were talking about swapping parenting book cliff notes and it’s been hanging out in the back of my mind ever since.
Despite the long plane ride, I only read the first two chapters because I wanted to really give them a chance to sink in before moving forward.  What I did read, I loved.  So much so that today I’m announcing MPMK’s first read along for this very book!  I so hope you’ll join me.


Don’t be scared off by the title.  I know it sounds a little touchy-feely and, well, Eastern.  But, let me assure you, being a buddhist is not a prerequisite to getting something out of this book (I’m not, in case you’re wondering).


The thing that I love so much about Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children is that its focus is really on how to just be more present with your children.  The idea isn’t new – half the quotes floating around Pinterest right now have something to do with “staying present” or “being mindful”.  What is different, is the easy to understand and concrete methods the author puts forth for actually do so.


This might surprise you a bit given the emphasis on playtime here at MPMK, but one of my biggest struggles as a mother is being able to fully let go of the housework, to-do list, blogging, etc. while I’m spending time with my children.  I realized recently that although I was doing a good job of making one-on-one time with them, I was still letting everything else in my life distract me during these times.


Worse yet, I often found myself impatient and sometimes grumpy during our time together because of those other things I wasn’t getting done.  Of course two chapters haven’t completely changed our direction, but they are already leading to some gentle course corrections.  I’m finding that I’m able to let go more and really revel in the small stuff like my kids’ silly laughs and easy smiles.  

Which is exactly why I want to read the rest of the book along with all of you. Are you interested?  I’ve never done anything like this so I welcome your input on how it should all go down.  I was thinking maybe a post covering two chapters once every two weeks.  Does reading a chapter a week seem doable?  

Basically I want it to be an online book club so I’m thinking I’ll write a little on what I’ve taken away from the chapters and then I’ll open it up to you to do the same in the comments.  As we move forward, I think it would also be nice to check-in and see how we’re progressing with the stuff we’ve learned in previous chapters.

Sound good?  If you’re as excited about this as I am, get your copy of the book here. (The paperback version isn’t available at Amazon but the kindle version is and you can download a free kindle reader for use on pretty much any computer through Amazon.  I’m currently reading mine on an iPad).  Then let me know in the comments that you’re coming along for the ride.

P.S. In case you’re interested, there’s also Buddhism for Mothers and Buddhism for Mothers of School Aged Children.

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