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Giveaway: 30 Tile Modular FLOR Rug

I am so, so excited it’s July 17th! Why? Because today’s the day I finally get to unveil a collaboration that’s been in the works for a few months now and involves one of my favorite brands – FLOR.  They’re kindly offering up a generous 30 tile rug in the style of your choosing.  


You see, when Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life first exploded, I reached out to my very favorite organization blogger Jen of i heart organizing and asked if she’d like to team up and put together an extra special giveaway our readers would be sure to love.


She was (graciously) immediately on board and all that was left was to find the perfect prize.  Our goal was to find something to reward you guys for all of your organizational progress (or to motivate you to start picking up by giving you something pretty to put down).  For all of our readers to truly appreciate it we also knew it had to be something both super stylish plus durable and practical.



A large modern modular rug from FLOR was just the ticket.  Have you guys heard of this product?  My first job out of grad school I had the opportunity to design my new office top to bottom.  I put one of these rugs in there and have been in love with the company ever since.  These guys have modern and chic down to an art form.  
But the best part – by far the very best part – is the practicality.  When you order your rug (or if you prefer, wall-to-wall carpet), it arrives on your doorstep in the form of several large tiles.  19.7″ x 19.7″ to be exact.  Is the genius of this system dawning on you yet?  The HUGE advantage of getting a rug in pieces? 


If you have little ones I bet it has… if they spill on it, or color on it, or heaven forbid pee on it (we’ve all been there) you don’t have to replace the whole thing!  The tiles are stain resistant to begin with so usually all you have to do is pick up the affected tiles and wash them in the sink (that’s right, the sink).  If something truly terrible has happened, it’s as simple as picking up one or two new tiles and your rug is good as new.

That is such great news for parents who want to let their kids actually live in their home but also happen to like good looking things.  Case in point, when we were couch shopping a few years back I really wanted white. Of course, I knew I could never actually have it and I opted for the beige microfiber instead.  This time around though, I could actually get the light color my heart desired – secure in the knowledge that I wouldn’t live to regret it.
Along with the tiles comes installation instructions and lots of dots (essentially stickers) to adhere them together.  At first I thought this system seemed a little flimsy but, trust me, after two experiences putting these rugs together I can assure you that the tiles aren’t going anywhere once set in place.

The rubber padding on the bottom of each tile ensures it.

The first step is to layout your rug.  This is another area where you have a lot of flexibility with this product.  It’s possible to cut the tiles in order to get the exact size rug you need.  That’s exactly what I did in my office, using a lighter color for the inside of the rug and darker tiles (cut in half) to form an outer border.  Cutting the tiles is very easy but the company will also do it for you.


By the way, when it comes to planning your carpet, FLOR has tons of easy to use tools on their site to help you design something custom.  You can mix and match a myriad of carpet styles and easily come up with something uniquely you.  From personal design assistance over the phone, to pre-made rug templates and even some really cool virtual planning tools, they’ve totally got you covered.
Once everything is laid out, it’s time to start sticking.  You can see here the stickers have hash marks dividing them into fourths.  This makes it simple to evenly space them at the edges of the tiles and get everything nice and flush. (The sticky side goes up and adheres to the tiles and not, as my husband initially thought, to the floor.)

And here’s the Ta-Da! shot.  I’m in love with our new super comfy carpet.  In case you’re wondering, I went with the Rake Me Over tiles in Bone.  We previously had a very busy rug in this room and I was craving something a little more serene (although FLOR does have lots of great patterns – this one nearly won me over).  I really like how the lines between the tiles don’t stand out but still lend an extra bit of dimension to the rug.

So have I convinced you that you need one of these rugs yet?  Well, good news – you’ve got lots of chances to win a large 30 tile rug of your own.  You can start off earning two entries by liking FLOR’s facebook page.  You can also like MPMK’s facebook page and i heart organizing’s facebook page for one entry each.  Then just let me know about it in the rafflecopter below.


And here’s the best part – once you’ve done these things you can head over to i heart organizing and tell Jen you did so too to be entered into her giveaway to double your chances!  Plus Jen selected a whole different rug and she’s got a great eye for design (hence the mega popularity of her site) so you’ll definitely want to see what she’s up to.


Finally if you really just want your rug now, FLOR is having their annual summer sale and offering 15% off everything until July 31st, 2012!  Just enter the code 15SUM12F in store, online or by calling 866.433.3567. Good Luck!


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